hate my haircut

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  1. That shit was ass not worth the totem easy skip

  2. These are so sick. I love lowball offers I forget about on GOAT that’s how I got a pair of turdunkens special box for 230 ds

  3. Why they flexing my weekly paycheck?

  4. What level in reg server do you have to be to use auction house?

  5. Great coverage for 2 months. In a year that’ll be a sick beard

  6. It’s kinda low but it’s only a temporary pendant really up to you

  7. Any 5% minoxidil foam is fine, derma-rolling twice a week at morning/night in place of minoxidil foam. Should honestly shave down what he has for best results and absorption, and be consistent for a year

  8. That fake stitching curved is always a dead giveaway should be diagonal always

  9. First picture from eyestay to reverse swoosh

  10. Thanks I just nutted my pants at work.

  11. Past few weeks for me along with DC issues. I can’t quit I’m addicted 🥰

  12. I can’t be with a women who doesn’t value better health

  13. I’ve DCed in Gollux so many times this past month I’m so far behind. It sucks

  14. I definitely don’t want to buy this…

  15. im 5’6 its the angle because my mirror is on the ground height don’t matter homie

  16. Knowing people is more important then the actual degree, befriend people and build relationships with people that can help your future. Have fun but not too much, these years are important for growth and learning discipline to become an adult.

  17. the joke is transphobia haha 😐

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