1. Women use sex to obtain power and relationships. When you give it all away guess what happens?

  2. He doesn't in actuality. Keep in mind for this study they had no generated model of height. It's just what women said. They can't tell 5'11 from 6'1 a lot of the times. Let alone know if a man is making x amount of money.

  3. Can you eyeball two inches exactly? Can you perfectly know who makes 119k and who makes a 110k. That's why

  4. The only obvious signs are if they're saying yes to your advances. Unless alchohol is involved. Do you really think girls who are into you have the balls to actually flirt? Like touching, laughing etc when they first meet you. If you do have a girl w that much confidence it's a girl whose been around the block.

  5. You've been brutally assaulting a strawman this entire time. No one denied hormones make a difference. They denied it is a primary factor in deciding which games your play. Link a study that pertains to your specific claim, not this irrelevant shit.

  6. So we can see a difference between sexes when it comes to video games. Instead of taking accountability you wanna say society did it. Okay I see, your one of those people. Especially when there is nothing socially pushing women away

  7. What are you even talking about? When did I avoid accoutnability and say society did it? I haven't picked a side I just asked to provide a relevant study.

  8. I provided you with one and you say "did you just look up a study". Like what kind of cognitive dissonance is going on here?

  9. What’s better for increasing appetite? 12.5mg MK677 a day, or 300mg EQ per week?

  10. Honestly nothings better than loading up on carbs. The sumo diet of eating rice with meals works. Always hungry. End up eating at least 1k calories over

  11. No way, you’re not going to experience nor feel any suppression (or anything else for that matter) with two 100 mg shots of testosterone.

  12. It's possible I got bloods right after a week of two 300mg injections and I had shutdown. Balls ached from the first pin too

  13. The way you guys talk about sex (“scarce resource”) creeps me out.

  14. If that creeps you out no wonder your on reddit. Limited experience even the slightest things will creep you out.

  15. You understand. What he said was not sexual nor demeaning. Just a more practical business sense way. If that is creepy than I can see why you hold the views you do

  16. Less relationship satisfaction, more mental instability. The problems don't really manifest physically for women definitely mentally though.

  17. Women don’t care about your struggles. They wait at the finish line and pick the winners.

  18. Sadly yes, I've found that acting as if your stronger or better than can get some attracted as well.

  19. Ever heard of girls like assholes or toxic relationships. Toxic Is a code word for acts "better than her". That's about as simple as I can say

  20. Women would really be complaining not because she'd get less options. But because the only thing stopping men from actually treating women like objects and dragging them caveman style is their sex drive.

  21. Women don't care for the age just as long as he doesn't look weak. 18-35 you really can't tell whose what and the reason why women don't go further in today's time is the men start to look fragile past 35

  22. what era of human female promiscuity in the ancestral evolutionary environment did this preference evolve against

  23. When a man couldn't tell paternity by a test. Instead he had n count

  24. Doesn't seem you do. Good thing to have as it covers up mental issues you might have though.

  25. A woman by herself cannot protect herself from another man. Only a man can protect her from another. So if she doesn't have a man, anxiety and all kinds of mental illnesses happen. The longer a woman goes single and older the crazier she gets. I really don't have too much science to back it up, but it's what I generally see.

  26. For premature ejaculation??? What? Prostate enlargement? What's going on here?!

  27. Premature ejaculation lmao. I meant pulmonary embolism. I got scared because a youtuber I been watching who I thought didn't take much died. RIP Jerry ward.

  28. What are some bloodwork markers that could potentially spot PE. Not while you have it but could be forming

  29. Oh I’m sorry did I even mention my own attractiveness? Did I say that I look better than her? No. However I stand by my earlier statement. If you take away the designer clothes and makeup that is literally done by a professional team she looks like an average mixed girl. I stand by my comment 100 percent. Especially as the mother of a mixed child and someone that has a million mixed family members. She looks mixed which is actually what I was replying to because the person said she looks like she’s white which is a lie. Google zendaya without makeup and tell me that she is prettier than any other women that you would see walking down the street that doesn’t have a pound of makeup on.

  30. Um I’m clearly saying her without makeup is the same as a lot of other girls her age without makeup. Hence me saying that DOESNT have a pound of makeup on. Duh. Reading comprehension is key. And That’s MY opinion. Attractiveness is subjective goof ball. Nowhere did I put her at a disadvantage or try to put her down. Putting her down would be me saying she’s ugly. I in fact said her and other woman are at a level playing field hence my comment that you highlighted but still chose to misinterpret. That’s on you. I’m a grown adult that could really care less about any celebrity, especially not enough to sit and go back and forth about a woman that wouldn’t give you or I the time of day. If you think she’s far more attractive than the average woman good for you. I’m wondering where you live but hey whatever. I live in California and I see attractive all day every day. To each their own though ✌🏾

  31. Girls going down the street have makeup on 99% do. So my reading comprehensive is right but your lack of experience shows.

  32. Any cholesterol issues just on TRT? I am not a saint when it comes to eating but my cholesterol has been high the last year like 218 total cholesterol. Unfortunately I didn’t take lipid panel before I hopped on. I’m 31 on 200mg test cyp per week. My doctor is trying to get me to take statins. I’m hesitant but curious your thoughts…

  33. Statin is about the worse thing you can take. LDL total is not a big risk for athrlescrosis. Trigs, lipid ratio(to an extent),apoB, and more importantly markers for inflammation. When on steroids you gotta take it in your own hands and research.

  34. Can you share a little more of what you know about this? I've had high lipids my whole adult life but have no other indicators of heart disease. I've had the arterial calcium score and inflammation etc. and it's all ok. I also had the particle size test done and I have a giant spike in large ldl but everything else is in the no risk range. My doc finally convinced me to take Crestor and it has lowered my number about 100 points (yes I'm over 300 without). I've tried to do online research but everything I've found definitely tells me to take the statin. I'm 58 5'6" 195 12% and can still run a sub-10 minute mile and do 40 min of high intensity cardio 3 times a week.


  36. Women dictate, men adapt. It's not endorsing it but the only option your left with is those things because it's what women are creating.

  37. Women have an ick meter men have a hoe meter. Pregnancy tests are new and the only way to know if that baby is yours is through an untouched woman. Nature gave men that to increase chances of knowing its your baby.

  38. Nope not for me. It's like food, but I'm starving most the time and it makes me look for it. Whether I got some months ago or 30 minutes ago.

  39. Great advice, doesn't mean everybody's able to follow it though.

  40. You get over it by doing it. That's it. It hurts everyone intensely when you first start doing it.

  41. Logic and facts are in the middle. The feminine archetype encompasses emotional responses related to calm and happiness. The masculine archetype encompasses emotional responses related to anger and passion. Objective reality is neutral.

  42. So in what world does estrogen or feminine encompass calm and happiness. In the Western world. Masculinity is generally described to be stoic, and logic driven.

  43. Anger and passion aren't logical at all, but they're considered very masculine.

  44. Sure, but anger is about the only emotion considered masculine. Logic has been thought of masculine throughout different cultures including western culture. See stoicism. Women are not thought of as calm but emotional and caring but far from calm. It seems your warping reality to fit your perception.

  45. I'm not redpill but not bluepill either. I'm pragmatic and whatever works, works. Most women don't want ONS or FWB rather they get into them. Whether due to feelings or drug environments and sex happens. So location matters. You don't go to the grocery store or any other daytime environment. Clubs, bars, and nightlife are your friend. Muscles matter, height matters, but for reasons unstated. Women need to feel like they're below you. If your short, buy some fake designer everyone knows, or get muscles. Preferably both. Next is the interactions, once you have the look, act like your equal or above the woman. That means no buying drinks, listening to her demands etc. Talk about things around you and herself. If she seems the slight bit interested in the convo ask her to come back to your place for weed/alchohol(most do both in the club), something you said in the convo that you have at home, or a movie. Make sure to ask the last part in the most non threatening way possible because one girl can ruin ALL your chances that night.

  46. Pretty sure both believe in love, the definitions are just different. One believes love is conditional another believes its unconditional to an extent.

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