Just got my hands on a pixel watch

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An old lady celebrates her birthday on her own in a restaurant, but the attracts the best of human behavior to help her with loneliness.

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  1. I used to warm up cold pizza with my halogen lamp in college.

  2. airpod pro gen1 also is weakened‼️🫠

  3. If you have Apple Watch do check in noise app. Previously used to reduce around 30 db of noise, now it reduces around 18 db of it. Maybe I’m not in correct testing env. But that’s just my observation.

  4. that app can show how many db is reduced by airpod pro? l can not find such information

  5. The root is the ear, l will clean ear first. The oil of ear is main cause

  6. How? I don’t have this nasty black dust in my ears, but even if I did, how would it make the case dirty since the AirPods themselves are really clean?

  7. airpod carry oil to the case, then the case will start to adsorb dust

  8. only airpod is reasonable, but…. even the case😂 unbelievable

  9. put enough money under the case, it will be fine🌝

  10. you can swap 24times for a whole-year-free

  11. l did not find that ! only because l do not buy it….

  12. seems cooler than my apple watch ultra😱

  13. The old lady: l can not just own a few moments of peace even l leave house….

  14. Just took mine for a flight! It was amazing the crying babies and engine noise disappeared.

  15. totally? l can still hear small noise by Airpod pro1. l have no idea about 2

  16. I have both pro1 and pro 2 frankly pro2 is so amazing. it will take away all the noise much better than pro1

  17. me too, l can not get airpod pro2 because my country still not open to purchase

  18. Omfg are people putting clothes on birds too now? Wtf is wrong with people

  19. thanks your speak on behalf of the birds😤

  20. Nice thought! l will try to keep two phone for a while (even it need extra bill )if l want to do this change!

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