Hate speech dramatically surges on Twitter following Elon Musk takeover, new research shows

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‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

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  1. There are not many Youtubers that would trash a large source of ad revenue. Look at all the other crap Youtubers push daily... like the buy a part of land in UK and get a lord title... this is the new name a star or buy property on the Moon.

  2. That sponsor money will make some of these people go to extreme lengths in defense of their sponsor.

  3. Yeah. It was such a foolish statement I'm not going to bother with elaboration.

  4. She ran behind Trump 2020 in almost every county. If there's a Republican candidate who's got a chance of losing that district (and a greater chance every time she opens her mouth), it's Boebert.

  5. That's again comparing a presidential race to a midterm race. The enthusiasm and turnout levels are completely different. Way more people voted in that district in 2020, because of the presidential race also happening, then turned out to vote this time. 30k more people voted for the loser in that district in 2020 than voted for the winner in 2022.

  6. Frisch got basically no funding going into this and got this close. If the DNC takes that level of local dissatisfaction seriously (and they should, because it is a remarkable event that a +15R district only supported Boebert by 500 votes), there is an actual chance to flip this district.

  7. Confusing disinterest in midterms for overall dissatisfaction is a mistake. That's making a very colossal assumption about why people didn't vote in the midterms that ignores the usual reasons why people don't vote in the midterms.

  8. Kinda fucked that red states think it's okay to in estimate people who objectively and admittedly broke no laws, just to try to intimidate people into checks notes not helping pregnant 10 year old rape victims.

  9. I'm sorry you're so easily manipulated, but the Biden administration didn't have any actual intention of forgiving student loan debts. Thought that would be obvious by now

  10. If they didn't have any intention of doing it, they could have simply just not done it rather than fight a protracted series of court battles to try to make sure that it happens.

  11. Lmao are you serious? You don't understand why they would make a half hearted attempt to do something like this right before midterm elections?

  12. I understand that you really really really don't want to think about why they're still fighting this in court, even after midterms, because it doesn't go along with the reality you have chosen to believe, but it's really not up to you.

  13. Even Musk after West said he liked Hitler said enough.... this is too much and suspended him on Twitter at a time they're reinstating crazy people so that tells you something about how West is coming across

  14. I'm pretty sure the only reason he actually did that is because both Apple and the EU are on him about content moderation.

  15. Honestly, fuck Mezco at this point. No excuse in the world can make up for the level of delays that we’ve seen. As far as I’m concerned, they stole my money for the Keaton Batman figure.

  16. As soon as I saw that that one used a rubber body, I immediately assumed that it was going to be a long delayed train wreck.

  17. It's wild that I'll occasionally see delay updates on mezco figures I first saw prototypes of 3+ years ago.

  18. Absolutely. The conservatives around me are absolutely relishing this and talking about how my generation will "actually have to work for a living" now.

  19. I have an older conservative neighbor who, for some reason, decided that I, a millennial, was the right person to rant to about how lazy millennials are.

  20. It’s just fascism lite, until all of a sudden when it’s not lite anymore.

  21. Fox News hasn't contributed a single positive thing to the world in its entire existence.

  22. Candace Owens similarly praised Hitler, and she's been around this guy a lot

  23. She's a fascist grifter who circulates far right media for profit. Married the guy who owned parker, a social media platform dominated by white supremacists and other far right extremists

  24. This is his mentality towards innocent CHILDREN- just try to imagine how he looks at a suspected criminal or someone of a race/class he doesn’t quite like… the state of Law Enforcement in this country is truly terrifying. These are the people that continue to fail upwards and then everyone is shocked at “how we ever got here”.

  25. Zune > IPod is a hill I’m willing to die on. The unlimited monthly stream service where you then could pick 10 songs to keep if ever cancelled was amazing.

  26. I used my zune for about a decade. I would have kept buying them as long as they made them. Best MP3 player I've ever had.

  27. Did Elon not know that countries other than the US have laws, too?

  28. All of his behavior regarding the layoffs seems to indicate so. He simply does not care about compliance.

  29. He publicly said he also doesn't care about the federal trade commission and I'm waiting for them to jump at him for most likely violating twitters consent decree.

  30. I wish the SEC had gone after him every opportunity they had. Rather than letting some slide. This guy really needed to be taught the boundaries of flaunting government regulation.

  31. No, you’re not a “bad guy” that’s just silly and I didn’t say that, I don’t even know you.

  32. You directly accused me of helping people that are making pseudo slaves of employees because I want to talk about the repercussions that could potentially happen from a strike that objectively would hurt a lot of people.

  33. I recommend not being so sensitive if you’re going to engage in debate on the Internet. No one called you a bad person.

  34. I swear these motherfuckers will throw "woke" on anything.

  35. This is more on the nose than you think. They had a story segment last night about how a woke grocery store was no longer selling lobsters that were being farmed in a region where the lobster traps are killing whales.

  36. They had an entire segment last night about "woke grocery store" whole foods.

  37. Talk about putting your money were your mouth is. The fact that they didn't take up your offer says the don't actually believe what they are saying.

  38. They not only didn't volunteer to take over or help, but they also actively tried to sabotage my efforts when I tried to get her help for her blatant dementia.

  39. Not only have I not said that the workers aren't entitled to better working conditions, but I have said the opposite directly in these comments. I even pushed for the companies to be nationalized.

  40. Your profit target in 10 years is $380? Lawl, I've got some NFL rookie cards I'd like to sell ya.

  41. If he really really really wanted to sink his money into magic for a 10-year investment, he should have just spent the $400 on reserve list shit. All of the things in those crimson vow boxes that are of any value are going to be reprinted, probably several times.

  42. They have a skewed sense of " fairness" too in that fairness means you have to suffer them even when they make you uncomfortable and choosing not to suffer them is evil , restrictive, and a threat to their liberty .

  43. Elon is all over twitter accusing Apple of hating free speech because Apple comprised of 50% of their advertising and have since ceased all advertising there.

  44. He has repeatedly slandered and attacked advertisers for pulling off the platform, and at no point has he really thought about how doing that sort of shit to advertisers is not making a good argument for new advertisers to take their place.

  45. There was a highly upvoted post on politicalcompassmemes the other day saying that affirmative action proves the “great replacement” is real. Nothing but support in the comments. That place has to be one of the biggest breeding grounds for radicalization on Reddit.

  46. The Tucker Carlson subreddit is openly reviving rhetoric from 1930s Germany towards Jews.

  47. Most of the listings I've seen are from sellers with <1000 feedback. Most in the tens or hundreds. So, mostly newer sellers.

  48. It's startling to me that so many of them have chosen to ignore that the only people they really see expressing interest in the product are other speculators. They saw this and never thought "well, who is going to buy these?" And hopped right on in.

  49. Republicans were cool with Trump saying "you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides" about the 2017 Charlottesville white supremacist jamboree.

  50. They also had nothing to say when Stephen Miller's emails leaked and It was just loaded with white supremacist garbage.

  51. Remember when One of Donald Trump's advisors got added by email leaks as being an extreme white supremacist, and Republicans just pretended to not see it? Even when Trump didn't fire the guy or have anything to say about it?

  52. I spent 6k in sealed product last year, similarly in 2020. Before October of this year, I had only spent about $1200.

  53. Weird, I thought people with guns stop crime. We have more guns than people in this country…yet still have all this crime. How strange.

  54. I'm just sick of people telling me that my blue state is completely overrun with crime, when crime is actually at one of its lowest points in more than 40 years, while their red state has dramatically more crime than mine

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