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  1. Sucks that one of the best bands ever has the most boring, confusing and (rightfully) arrogant names ever.

  2. I need a complete list of all the songs DF wrote in the 80s for other artists. This song with Lazy Nina are muy fuego


  4. ❤️👩❤️👦❤️🏃🏃‍♀️💡🔨👔⬅️👨

  5. So many different ways to reference cousin fucking in the Steely Dan catalog!

  6. If you mean the nintendo/panda stuff, lud purposefully announced a tournament to be streamed/ran at the same time as the panda cup, directly after the nintendo/panda drama.

  7. I think you’re thinking of the scuffed world tour happening next weekend. OP is referring to the chess boxing event happening tonight.

  8. This happened to me last month except it was Do It Again. Doctor didn’t need to ask me to show my teeth because I was already smiling.

  9. Where did this gigachad-ass picture of Donald come from?

  10. “Balancing the books in the canyons of his mind” goes kinda hard actually

  11. Doesn’t it say a lot about society that we get push weather notifications rather than read the newspaper? Or go outside and check the weather ourselves? Or become meteorologists and create our own forecasts?

  12. We don’t agree on anything except the George Jones it seems.

  13. Her IG has a lot of weird, edgy, half-nude shots, so his fake aw shucks approach is extra funny.

  14. Isn’t that Johnny Sins account just a bot that steals top comments?

  15. /uj I’m glad this meme is calling out the Persona soundtrack. It gets talked about as a good OST all the time but every time I hear a song it’s some of the worst arranged and mixed jazz fauxsion I’ve ever heard in my life.

  16. They have some good products, high prices, and friendly staff. But I will always remember the store for this story: my cousin worked in commercial real estate in Baton Rouge and had a terrible substance abuse problem. There was apparently a group of commercial realtors who would pay this woman at the Calandro’s deli to spank them with slices of various deli meats. The strangest part of the story is that she charged different prices for different meats. A spanking with roast beef was like $20 but if you wanted her to use mortadella it was something absurd like $35.

  17. I’m sorry but what?? This was a shared and oddly specific fetish among a group of drug addicts who had the same profession?

  18. Hmmm that explains a lot. I could never put it into words, but I always got the vibe my business was unwanted there; haven't stopped by in years now.

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