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  1. No rant , in your exact words when I mentioned DCU not making Marvel money

  2. Last year in 2022 the merger put WB in financial straits (no money broke ) , WB needs money because they are a "corporation". WB sees DC can be a golden egg , which is essentially " money". DC needs a new direction so a man James Gunn comes in as new CEO a leadership position to lead. James knows that the comic division can help the DC brand , we almost there keep following me !! When James Gunn was at Marvel he didn't promote comics like now because they didn't need to. But at DC they want the new universe to make "money", a good way to do that is by promoting comics.

  3. Look at everybody fighting here for no reason this is so stupid, it proved his comment wasn't the best one.

  4. Doing everything it possibly can?!? 🤔

  5. Artillery, guns, armor, shells, bullets, food, Missiles, refugee support, intelligence

  6. Why are we promoting their bullshit right now? Can we please go a week without this content?

  7. I feel like nobody here is promoting Andy Ngo , how'd you even come to this conclusion

  8. Before Reddit starts, this isn't a defense of the kids. They deserve every punishment

  9. This war is bloody and violent with massive losses on both sides not seen in decades

  10. Everyone in this subreddit keeps forgetting that this tank got upgrades in the second better version. It used the 1897 field gun instead of the Rimailho's 75 mm.

  11. What's your diet look like though, before and after?

  12. This kinda stuff gives me hope. I struggle to gain weight and I do eat alot of protein and do manual labor, but do to back injury after work I'm normally to beat to work out, but I'm starting small doing some light weight lifting and recently quit smoking, upping my water intake, hopefully before the commies make it here I'll look more like you haha 👍 sweet fucking uzi btw

  13. Yeah you gotta get your food in , it's like gas to a car but when you lift it's like a f350. Need more gas

  14. Oh ok cool so the runtime for this should be 30-45 minutes top right cause the thunderbolts as currently constructed getting dog walked in seconds.🤣

  15. The power difference is insane, it's goku verses Luffi or something.

  16. Andor was an extraordinary critical success with critics and audiences in reviews

  17. Same could be said for Ms Marvel, Marvel’s most critical success ever but not viewed by a lot of people.

  18. She should have been paired with a big name superhero (Captain Marvel) helps a ton

  19. NB: This was posted from a third-party source/host website to avoid the subreddit receiving a direct copyright strike (which would potentially occur from the prior submissions in modqueue that were all natively-hosted images, hence their removal).

  20. The greatness of James Gunn is that it could be anyone. The Metal Men, The League of Substitute Heroes, The Blackhawks Squadron, The Rocket Red Brigade, etc. I know he can't completely ignore the big names, but I think it will serve the company well to pivot from the constant barrage of Batman and Superman projects.

  21. I read Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow because of him and fucking hell, that shit was insanely good.


  23. Holy Emperor she actually thought her much was on the whole time 😂

  24. Marvel should just stick with Krasinski, to be honest, as he is actually the best candidate. Patel looks nothing like Reed and both Driver and Lune are already too well known for their Star Wars roles, while Krasinski is already known as Reed by the general audience because of Multiverse of Madness. I think that not using him would be very stupid at this point.

  25. That's what I don't get. If you do this for whatever reason (clout, money, just boost your ego) why do some things so obviously dumb (like making fake art, creating a sockpuppet account for no reason) if you do have real sources (which they obviously do) Just for the lols?

  26. I know right, when Twitter and Reddit starts finding out they are trolling everyone with this it's about to be bad.....

  27. Has this been confirmed? I’ve seen other people say this and the fact that MTTSH constantly retweets and signal boosts them makes it definitely seem like it’s the same person on 2 different accounts.

  28. No professional with any respect for their craft and the industry would create such a flawed piece of art for a billion-dollar company. Look at all the artist talking about how fake and terrible that Galactus leak is

  29. It’s AI gen art. Not real concept art. Doesn’t mean Galactus isnt coming, but the art itself isn’t official.

  30. It's not that trunkless can't be pulled off, it's just that it makes for a sleeker, more futuristic Superman, and while that's cool and fresh for us nerds, it's not what most people know and love.

  31. I really don't have a horse in this race. If you can make it look good than great. If you can't then its not worth it. Supes doesnt wear trunks in Superman and Lois and I don't even notice. I also didn't really notice in Superman Returns that he did. I think that is more representative. As long as the choice is invisible, so to speak, then it works.

  32. I mean we have seen Superman in trunks in movies and TV, he looks absolutely perfect with them on. 5 out of 7 supermans wore trunks

  33. I really really and I mean REALLY want to believe this post credit leak but it’s so good that I don’t want to be heartbroken if it’s not true.

  34. It's at the point where I genuinely wouldn't mind if they were functionally just skins for the base game guns

  35. Well, your loss. Enjoy being racist, I guess.

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