1. I used to love John Wolfe's videos so this is pretty funny. Real Michael or not

  2. Only $8 a month. It cost less to member up and support world class in a way that makes sense

  3. I'm not sure what you're looking to do but posts made to this reddit need to be MDL related

  4. It is a MDL subreddit. If the channel dies so does the community

  5. I'm talking about he's shaming he's own audience for not having a PS5.People should teach a lesson.He literally told not to buy now he's shaming.

  6. He's literally baiting and you're deep throating that hook. Stop being mad at a youtuber who's clearly saying what he says to get a reaction

  7. He is not your friend or brother. He is mocking you for not having a ps5. We give him money to support him and buy the games from our money and give a review on it not to get mocked for not having ps5.

  8. Stop giving him money then. If his streams really make you this mad then just don't watch them. There are other streamers out there

  9. Could be but I'm not going to assume the worst. I'm just giving new fans some highlights of the old days

  10. Almost all of that is most likely an accurate look into his psyche. Honestly the only inaccurate thing in there is there were videos on Dillon's channel a while back where Michael was driving. That doesn't necessarily mean he has a license but I can't imagine him driving illegally. But you really never know 🤷🏻‍♂️

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