What’s the best Christmas movie of all time ?

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What’s the best cartoon show of all time ?

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  1. When my dad was in his way home at night I would ask when we were going to eat dinner. She would give me the ETA of when my dad would get home, which I thought stood for "Eat Today At."

  2. Spread information accidentally. The creators themselves have openly stated that the info it gives you isn't always correct. I've seen this myself when trying it as well.

  3. Saying "I'm a winner." To paraphrase someone on the radio, "if you feel the need to call yourself a winner, you're a loser."

  4. I think inevitably someone would would want to do a outrank involving food, so they would use non dextro amino food and Tali and Garrus would have at best an allergic reaction or at worst die. The latter of the two resulting in the saddest sutscene of the series as Shepard holds one of them in their arms as they are dying.

  5. The first time I played, I had a really hard time choosing between rewriting the Heretics or killing them. Legion, usually my favorite, was not helpful in this decision, either.

  6. I am of the opinion that the heretic station choice might be the most ethically challenging or morally grey choice. I have thought about it a lot.

  7. At some point it's stated that the outsides all look like the "normal" reapers but that the dreadnought class ones, like Sovereign and Harbinger, have a core that looks like the dominant race or the ones that are most influential from that cycle.

  8. Huh - interesting, any idea where this is explained?

  9. I couldn't find the past about the center parts looking like the species, but the codex entry mentions the part about harvesting a single species:

  10. Everyone I've seen watch it for the first time has had the same reaction. Credits start rolling and they don't say anything for at least 30 seconds

  11. I'm sorry to hear that. If you want to chat for a bit before I go to bed, feel free to pm me.

  12. Muppet Family Christmas. All the muppets go to visit Fozzie's grandma for Christmas, the Sesame Street crew get lost in a snow storm and end up there, Kermit and his nephew go visit Fraggle Rock. Oh, and the Swedish chef wants to cook Big Bird as the Christmas turkey. Just my absolute favourite.

  13. Hmm. I don't think I've seen this. The one I was thinking of was Muppet's Christmas Carol

  14. Thanks! The dog is basically a scaled up version of my labrador mutt who sadly passed away at the beginning of last year. He was very lovely, and now I get to have him in the campaign I DM! I'm excited to introduce these two.

  15. Appreciate the advice! I agree, and if everything goes well this week I’ll be starting to look for new jobs, I have some ideas in my head on what to look for and hopefully I can find a new job. I don’t want to be stuck for quite some time because earning money is most definitely a need.

  16. Yeah. Sometimes when you are interviewing for a new job, at the point where they want you and ask when you can start, you can give yourself a bit of a buffer for a week or two of time off. You don't necessarily need to tell them that. You can just say something like, I could start about the (insert date).

  17. Thanks! I’d love to post more updates here and there as posting to reddit helps take some of the weight in my feelings haha.

  18. For sure. Sharing "wins" is good for people. Feel free to PM me so I don't miss your post.

  19. While I wouldn't put it past Ozai to arrange his death, I don't think he arranged that. At the time Iroh was both the general in charge of sieging Ba Sing Se, and the favorite son of the Firelord.

  20. I 100% agree, but it is a fan theory going around, and I just thought I would have a little fun with it

  21. The majority of people warring against what they call "woke culture," are trying to shift the conversation so that they aren't being called out for their own wrong actions.

  22. equally unpopular opinion: social, racial, gender and other issues are exacerbated by the rich to create artificial social division to keep themselves in power

  23. I think like many subjects etc, certain people are more disposed and/or have some level of innate talent for it. That being said, practice and dedication are the more important part.

  24. I believe, rules as written, since it doesn't say the money is consumed with the spell, or is just a material component.

  25. Why do so many people hate him? The only thing I know is that people are tired of seeing him in everything

  26. Any and every meme that evolved from vine, they all just hit different yk

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