1. Google doesn't care. So long as enough people don't use an adblocker, and they get their platform as the status quo, they will evolve it to be more difficult to block their ad spam, and the next generation will all have to put up with it. They consider it an investment now for the future. Microsoft did the same thing.

  2. I never get why people turn into vindictive pricks towards those who they love/loved. The fact anybody gets any satisfaction out of any of that is just petty childish behavior.

  3. I fly a drone over the water all the time and have had more than enough close calls to realize this was going south right after takeoff.

  4. That's why cars were invented. Horses left too much poop everywhere

  5. I googled "milk fat capsaicin". This was on the first page. I know it's hard work and I'm happy to help disabled people.

  6. I identify as a non-googler, I am offended you would disparage my identity by labeling it as a disability. Your marginalization of minorities shows you're a bigot and should be ashamed.

  7. The same shitty rehashed joke from 7, maybe 8 years now? What a waste of keystrokes

  8. My personal experience is that if someone wishes to "interpret" anything I write into the exact opposite of what I intended that someone will do so with a vengeance. So, as I was reading the comment above, I thought, "this could be contorted into a variety of "conclusions". As always, your mileage may vary.

  9. Ya, this is reddit, so not the brightest bunch. They do that with politics all the time. I was just wondering if there was something I missed as some oddball political strategy.

  10. I have been collecting examples of "non sequitur" retorts, and replies for a class I hope to teach in the not too distant future.

  11. Awesome. The students will be puzzled, and as you feign confidence, they will assume you are higher intelligence, and worship you.

  12. Kinda weird a government can force a private company to do this. Not like iPhones aren’t a luxury good.

  13. SAPR = Sexual Assault Prevention and Reporting. Maybe pay better attention.

  14. This biggest difference between him and Werner Von Braun is that Werner had class and grace. Both were assholes.

  15. twitch banned gambling on UNREGULATED websites, they didn't ban gambling in general.

  16. in other words: Big companies get a free pass in their lootbox scams.

  17. Lootbox is new territory. I see the EU tackling this, but in the US specifically gambling law is well established in favor of traditional forms of gambling. So if it's unregulated because there is no legislation around it, then yeah it's gotta go.

  18. In France there are some laws, but valve got around it with counter strike, with the "x-ray" skin, which when used on any loot-box, it will tell you the contents of it before you open it. The cost of that "x-ray" skin, is the cost of the loot-box "key", and you can't open another (or sell it) until you open the one you use the "xray"... creative, and sleazy at the same time... haha.

  19. OHHHHH THOSE FUCKERS.... No shit, they're known for knocking out people driving boats on rivers that end up getting overpopulated by them. Very invasive species.

  20. I've heard they're rather bony and not very tasty, or the population would likely be kept in check by people fishing them.

  21. Not if it's a trial by Jury any Jury is the USA is gonna have some Trump buddies on it so hung Jury 100% of the time

  22. The only way to have a non biased jury, is to shield the name of the person being charged - maybe with an alias, and select jurors that would not understand enough about the specifics to even know it was trump, and then let them come to an honest verdict.

  23. Jesus. You all are just as bad as the Hilary for prison people...He's not going to jail, just like Hilary never was going to. So stop with the 6 year hard on you all have that something is going to happen, it's pathetic. Both sides are exactly the same is so annoying. Grow up.

  24. Nobody is ever held accountable, if you haven't noticed that common trend over the years.

  25. I’m transitioning and when I got off testosterone and started taking estrogen I noticed a change in my eye colors.

  26. It’s not only huge companies that are hurt by shoplifting. Some stores charge their severely underpaid employees for loss. I just chased a man down the street because he stole enough merchandise that I won’t receive any of my upcoming paycheck. Unfortunately, he threw a brick at my face to distract me, so he got away. I live paycheck to paycheck, so I’m probably getting evicted from my apartment when I can’t pay rent. Can’t afford to eat, either.

  27. Please don't say that. They found lead in our water, it affected everyone's thinking. It's nasty you have no idea. The poor fish.

  28. The lead in the water wasn't caused by a few fishing weights. It was caused by lead in the piping that the pH wasn't maintained properly, and leeched out into the system.

  29. I had this case for 7 years. So it’s not really new anymore. But the company IN-WIN does make some weird looking top notch quality cases.

  30. I'm going back more than 7 years with this trend, however it has evolved to be more flashy. People look at cases like a "pimp my ricer" kind of body-kit to show off their computer parts like children's toys. Appearance over functionality seems to be the ongoing trend.

  31. I don't think this person, or anyone like them, is lesser than me if they don't share my diet or hobbies. I think this person should have explained all of their lifestyle choices that may limit what they do.

  32. The majority of people in prison deserve to be there because they cant follow the rules like everybody else.

  33. I'm starting to think there are more phones than we estimated in the prisons, and they're getting on reddit.

  34. It’s also important to realise that people with developmental disorders, neurological disabilities, cognitive disabilities and learning disorders are taken into account when determining the average IQ.

  35. That is why it's important to distinguish between samples and population, in statistics. Also, the biases introduced when gathering samples may be difficult to avoid.

  36. This is all very cool but I can’t help but feel this story got promoted by Apple somehow. The first 5 comments here might as well be a commercial.

  37. Even if it wasnt damaged, that looks like a $10 tshirt, not a $84 tshirt.

  38. Wait till you hear about brits who like eating Faggots (it's meat with gravy btw)

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