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  1. First one was great, second was good, Tokyo drift was great and then it lost me completely

  2. There’s always gonna be the super sweaties that have to get every drop of xp.

  3. I used to play with a squad back when I liked the game, I was never that great at it, but the rest were good enough to destroy randoms and they would always bully, or try to bully, the last guy out so they could move on to their next game. Funny things is they’d also get upset when people were quitting lol. But i guess the idea for them was if it’s just playing one real player it’s boring so leave so we can get a new game with real players. Never really sat right with me, as when I played solo I’d also be the guy who never quit and was bullied lol

  4. Not so sure, she wasn't stealing a bag of cookies from a corner shop. She was taking part in a terrorist attempt to overthrow the govt and destroy the electoral system. There are not many greater crimes.

  5. Those people were dumb, but the fact y’all buy into this as some attempt to overthrow the government is laughable. No weapons, no shots fired, no police or city officials injured. This was a protest where some of the protesters decided to do dumb stuff like at every protest ever. Y’all need to look at the rest of the world and stop being so sheltered. This was not any attempt to overthrow the government. Just a bunch of dumb people who thought they could protest their way to having an election changed. No revolution has ever happened without blood being spilled.

  6. I’m Armenian, i don’t mind when they ask where am i from and i say Las Vegas and then they say, no where are you… and I already know so i cut them off and just say “oh I’m Armenian” y’all want to cry about everything lol it’s not a big deal, people are curious and it’s ok.

  7. This would be so cool. The campaign, if done right, could have a large impact on how this war would be viewed for the younger audience. However, multiplayer could fall short because of the old school weapons with little customization imo.

  8. Well since the us military actually partially funds the cod games I doubt they would portray it accurately seeing as how we invaded with false pretenses and got our asses kicked. Also these older era games feel weird when you include the attachments

  9. I get 75 a game with my new 6’9 demigod build. Cashapp vc for build.

  10. Lmaooo to the people who think you are even remotely serious 😂

  11. Acting like regular band aids blend in with anyone’s skin tone lol. I’ve never not seen a band aid on anyone from pastey white to tanned.

  12. My wife makes way more money than I do. It’s never been a problem for us really.

  13. Lol imagine caring this much. I only play to get my guns leveled up for warzone. Sometimes I play the game sometimes I don’t, but go I’d rather just get my guns maxed so I don’t have to play multiplayer anymore.

  14. Imaging paying $60-$100 just to level up guns you could do in f2p wz anyways

  15. Semantics. Dude is an idiot, but why do we gotta act like he meant following in that way lmao

  16. How else could he mean “follow you”? He wouldn’t follow him down the street? Out of a bar?

  17. “Worship with him as pastor”. You…really don’t think he meant that?

  18. No, I did not because I’ve never heard anybody. Use the word follow like that.

  19. My wife has just assigned me as the breakdown guy in our house lol, i order maybe 2-3 things from Amazon a month if even that. She gets packages everyday.

  20. Y’all sound insane lol, overdramatizing this. Idk who’s page she commented on, but most likely, like most of us do, we see one TikTok video and comment and like we don’t do a full investigation first lol. If she deleted she realized she messed up. Y’all need to get off your high horse.

  21. Before I was hopeful and excited about what he was trying to do, now I’m like this dude is gonna just try to mind control us

  22. Breaking news! Country cares more about its own self preservation over another’s 😱😮

  23. I’m sure there’s some things you believe in even if it’s just your own personal freedom. When MLK and other black citizens marched they did so knowing they could face prison or death, it was a cause with true belief behind it. Recently the women in Iran who refused to wear the hijab knew they were putting their life on the line.

  24. I Don't understand why everyone is hating on this it's nothing but facts.

  25. Appreciate it, i don’t think it’s hate, i could always articulate my thoughts better, and I’m fine with sine discussion and being able to elaborate further or even change my initial statement to be more align with what I’m attempting to express.

  26. Baby was sleeping and woke up abruptly screaming at the top of her lungs.

  27. Good, workers get more leverage and the worlds population doesn’t hit 9 billion in a blink of an eye.

  28. Hmm there is to be a feature to post your screenshots on several social media, but I don't think reddit is among those

  29. If you have the Xbox app you can download to your phone and then post it

  30. Turn off chat until you’re decent or you will not want to play after your first day

  31. I always wonder how Stalin had people taken out of photos back then, never thought about the fact they could be painted out lol

  32. Both good choices, but why can't we just see ourselves all the time in third person instead of being limited to first person besides two options, both of which I can't see myself in combat?

  33. Have you seen the third person mode mods? The reason is because they couldn’t get the animations to look right in third person because they designed them for 1st person and i guess they don’t have anyone there who can design and integrated both camera view animations.

  34. Also frequently not mentioned, the way third person games and first person games play is quite different. The game was designed from the start as a first person game and it's not simple to just add third person without a lot of systems being jank.

  35. I agree which is why they didn’t because of the effort it would take on their engine to code it. I’m sure seamlessly transitioning from one to the other and making sure the animations look and feel right was too much work, but maybe with the unreal engine they’ll be able to do it for the next one since they’ll have a wider pool of skilled developers

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