1. Did you even see this video? Or know what’s happening? This comment is disgusting. Go google it if you don’t wanna watch the video. Children in bdsm ads is wrong and disturbing

  2. No.. sick people who take the time to google "children and bdsm". Are the troubled ones. Get a life.

  3. Funny how you’re talking about googling bdsm and kids. But the real thing you’re not talking about is googling balenciaga and kids ads or belanciga and controversy. Seems like you’re trying to move the conversation away from the real one. That this company has bought and used “art” that depicts kids manipulating to have genitalia on their faces and that’s fucking gross and normal people don’t find that ok. As a normal person I wouldnt invite people over to my house and gather them around a statue of a life size and life like child that has an erect penis as a face. But hey if you’re ok with it……. keep defending it like the rest of the commenters and community of people who think this is ok. Again I as a liberal and leaning left, think this is gross and don’t think this is cool. Wouldn’t want to show anyone this or allow children to see this. But if you’re ok with life size sculptures of children with assholes as a face that’s your thing I guess. Just don’t invite me over for thanksgiving.

  4. Our parents got beat by teachers. Some teachers are assholes 🙄

  5. Typical domestic terrorist. Sorry i mean MAGA.

  6. You're going to tell me that a local was not happy with his senator? No way!?

  7. But it's less claustrophobia.. you can see the "aisle better "

  8. I don't understand why he can't take the window seat.

  9. That’s just rude. Why would someone ever pour water onto another human being? Let alone when that person is already cold, has no change of clothes, and can’t get a reprieve from the elements.

  10. Dude it's cold here in Arizona, i can't imagine how cold it is in Oregon this time of year.

  11. We couldn't have made a sub reddit more to the point. You clicked..it ..

  12. I live in AZ, after a week of over 115° its fine in heat.

  13. Great, now they can say, "they drew first blood"

  14. So how long until they have their own Jan 6th insurrection?

  15. I put a Two-liter bottle of squirt in there! My 16" apple laptop will not fit but my tablet does.

  16. You don't. Pull as far to the right as possible with hazards on and flares lit if available. Keep the seatbelts on.

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