1. It's hard to tell. One thing to note is that pan cyan myc does look more whispy than cube myc in general. Cube myc will look strong whereas pan cyans never really get good rhizomorphic growth.

  2. What weight can you get out of a Pan Cyan shoebox, and how long do they take? They look so skinny. I have a pan cyan (Aus) spore print. I'm just curious if growing Yeti or something is a better investment in time.

  3. If you're growing them for personal consumption then a shoebox will produce plenty. If you plan on getting rid of them then your yield won't be anything close to what you would get with cubensis

  4. Lol they are. A gram is pretty much a handful of these things but they are super potent

  5. Ah thank you for mentioning this, it seems my problems were not getting coir wet enough and not sterilizing the coir from NS kit. I hope it'll work better next time!

  6. If you buy bricks of coir on Amazon you can usually boil about ~3 liters of water and dump it on the brick. Let it cool for 24 hours then it's good to go

  7. I haven’t grown any poop lovers yet. How was the substrate pasteurization experience for you? How bad did the house stink?

  8. If the manure is aged then it'll just smell like dirt

  9. How does one get into devops? Coming from CS degree, seems like every job posted has a lot of high requirements

  10. Just keep applying to entry level/developer 1 positions. You don't have to meet all the requirements. If you get an interview at a pretty standard company they'll probably just look for someone with basic skills and a desire to learn. I've gotten two CS jobs at pretty mediocre places but the interviews weren't challenging at all

  11. But which dimension? Because you could argue we’re in one of them already, no?

  12. There's arguments against that being our dimension since Brit and Jason aren't actually married so it could go either way

  13. From my experience it's anything you'd think you'd find at a party or club. I don't think things like heroin, meth, crack level are too common (I'm sure some people do it), but as far as things like coke, molly, weed and psychedelics go I'd say a majority of colleges students will try at least one if not a few in their time as a student

  14. You might want to get your resume checked out or maybe you're applying to highly competitive jobs and need to step it back a bit. I had a friend who is much more intelligent than me, graduated from a great college and applied to 400 places before getting an offer. I graduated from a small private school and have probably filled out 20-30 applications since graduating and I'm on my second job. There are places in small towns that have trouble finding talent so if you're searching in the city then it might be a little tougher.

  15. Quests will be better in the long run until you get better stats. You could probably do barrows but that's still going to be peanuts until you get into real pvm. Train stats to do SOTE and DS2 then you'll have zulrah, gauntlet, zalcano and vorkath unlocked which will all be decent moneymakers and you'll probably have the stats for at least one of those once you beat those quests.

  16. If you beat DS2 and unlock vorkath you could get this gear in a month or 2 of casual play

  17. The black should take up more space and those pieces should fit together better. They need to mirror their neighboring pieces and I think it'll look clean

  18. Do Sins of the Father and grind out sepulchre for a little bit. You'll get decent profit if you loot the chests and it's more engaging. Song of the Elves requires 70 agility so you'll get it anyway if you get the quest cape

  19. Correct. The only way they would be able to test the passwords in this way is if someone somehow got access to wherever they store these passwords. Assuming they store it as a hashed value then they could test it against that. Brute forcing a login is near impossible with account locking after x attempts.

  20. As well as the other world she visits where she sees her father. It appeared to be scandinavian or some place similar, but there are mechanical birds flying in the background. This place also had a doorway to 'Khatun's realm'. Also, in her first NDE she says 'she wasn't sure if she was above the earth or inside it'

  21. I wonder if OA is just sent there as a guide. I think there's 5 main dimensions right? The 5 people in the group with each corresponding to a dimension. But the odd one out is Hap who is always associated with the group. Maybe Hap actually has a dimension and he's included in the group and OA is their guide

  22. I definitely think OA transcends the natural boundaries of these events, I always thought it strange that OA got a bit of an explanation and also 'eat this dove that transforms into pure light and knowledge' whilst Homer literally just goes to another dimension and slurps down a sea critter. A plain, non light, sea critter. He did end up with the revelation and movement very soon after, though.

  23. I love these thoughts on it. I wish they would release the rest of the story

  24. And then there's me at 100cb too scared to do sins of the father

  25. Just try it out. I didn't have any bossing experience and beat it at 95. The final fight took ~10 tries until I unlocked chivalry and clapped his cheeks with 3 HP remaining

  26. I wanted to die doing Hunter until I did drift nets. That was honestly what got me to do SoTE. Agility is just a bitch lol.

  27. Mining is my bane. I didn't mind agility after 60. It felt so much faster once I was doing the seers village course. Although I could've probably switched to ardy course sooner when I was below 60. For some reason I waited until 57 to start doing it since I was so concerned with marks of grace

  28. Man I had so much anxiety trying to use quick fix that I just pissed in the cup lol. But it should work y'all and using one of those hand warmers helps keep it nice and at a good temp too

  29. If you're still learning JavaScript then I'd just focus on JavaScript for now. You're going to be able to get a job if you know how to create projects with a single language vs knowing two languages partially and not being able to do much in either. You'll also have a much easier time learning other languages if you have a solid foundation in another first.

  30. Did you ever end up finding anything like this? This is the exact reason I enjoyed 11/22/63 so much and it seems like all other recommendations are for time travel books

  31. Can’t record your close encounter with death that way bro

  32. Bro, if you are serious about this, go ahead but please document yourself everything through. It will be interesting for sure and we’ll probably discover something new

  33. This isn't really anything new. If you search "eating mycelium" in this sub there's like 20 posts that show up

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