1. Hm that wasn't the intention, obviously it isn't - but AFAIK the creator is working on powering it in the future

  2. I think the name “drone” is what’s throwing people off.

  3. Okay so first off I’m very dumb but secondly I’m also on cold meds so that’s entirely on me.

  4. Oh hey it's why I lost five ranks trying to make Cerebro work!

  5. And everyone goes to dairy queen for ice cream after the game

  6. I just realized I’ve never actually had one of those because growing up my parents wouldn’t let me get one and that weird behavior just sort of carried over into adulthood. Time to break this cycle of violence methinks.

  7. Maybe you should stop putting car parts on her bed.

  8. Not the first new card in the season pass that I find the regular card to be the better card.

  9. I feel the same way about the Black Panther season pass variant. Cards look way better to me when there’s some sort of action happening and in that variant he’s just standing stock still.

  10. …… I too thought he had a vacuum thinking it was a reference to the Hulu MODOK show.

  11. Oh man I’d spend gold on a Patton Oswalt MODOK card, that show deserved another season.

  12. She can do cartwheels and tell me lame jokes any day of the week.

  13. By having so many iconic characters in S1 and 2, they really gave them a low ceiling. Iron Man probably fares the best. But Captain American, Punisher, Strange, OG Wolverine, Cyclops: all mostly useless.

  14. Hindsight Lad gonna dominate the meta in 2025.

  15. I don’t buy the season pass for the card, I want those mystery variants baby! Also MODOK is fun and that’s all I care about.

  16. Oh wow the gold actually looks good on this card! Better than the rainbow split to since it makes her pop more.

  17. I can’t think of many worse ways to spend a hundred bucks.

  18. This is the quality content I follow this sub for.

  19. You can rip Yogurt, Son from my cold dead hands.

  20. “I wonder what’s behind that Invisible Woman? Eh, probably not important, I’ve got a Thor to buff!”

  21. Just to add something else to the conversation boy do I wish I liked this variant more. I can’t not see just a big angry beaver.

  22. Which is why a lot of stores get pissed if you take pictures of their stuff

  23. Yep, I always ask first if it’s a local shop.

  24. I tried this with the more traditional midrange discard package of lockjaw + moon knight + sword master (or gambit), and I have to agree that much discard feels clunky as hell when you're not hand dumping on 5 and 6 to fill a lockjaw lane. I'm curious what everyone thinks those last 3 slots should be though, as I think there's tons of options:

  25. Collector just feels weak to me in general. I'd much rather his ability be Ongoing and be allowed to "collect" before he's actually played like how Morbius works.

  26. Yeah, if they do that i think they'd open up the Agents Of Shield into their own archetype and not a Meme Deck like The Guardians

  27. Agreed. I didn’t play the beta but I’ve heard Collector was mad powerful before launch so maybe this is a result of an over correct. It’s just super weird that he operates differently from the other two cards that collate actions during a match, Morbius and Null and it’s a lot less interesting as a result.

  28. That Mister Negative bundle sucks ass.

  29. This might be the most depressing post I’ve read all day and that’s a feat considering what is happening in Turkey.

  30. I was going to say how have I been spelling it wrong for so long but then I saw that’s only become official over the past year or so. I kind of like it honestly.

  31. Those Battle Mode rules sound like a lot of fun!

  32. They literally can't excuse it anymore because of that. The Flash is OP as fuck, he can't be challenged unless the plot says otherwise.

  33. And in every DC animated show or movie The Flash just gets punched to the ground by whatever jobber they might be fighting. It feels like a joke at this point that the writers are very aware of.

  34. Now that Tom is retired he’s decided to speedrun being Extremely Divorced.

  35. I spent the weekend doing housework and feel pretty good about it.

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