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  1. Welcome to the future 😎 cyberpunk style music plays

  2. not surprised by the facts they are executing them, I am surprised none of the bullets ricocheted and hit the others standing.

  3. pretty funny lmao. but maybe you should start a business and use them.

  4. hope they find the bitch and feed her and the dog to the lions

  5. i wish they had a bunch of lore. and like ghost sighting and stuff like that

  6. I've been having stoner thoughts and talking to my boyfriend about how I want to find notes on the zombies that explain a little bit about who they were - they don't have to mean anything, just stuff like letters to the grandma zombie from her grandkids, a note on the runner zombie asking her to pick up milk on her way home from her run, a letter of commendation on a firefighter, a letter from home on a soldier, that kind of thing. You could totally crowdsource them so there are tons of different ones, and have them be random.

  7. facts lol. I create lil backstories in my head whenever i see a random blood splatter or scratch and stuff like that. They are really sleeping on stuff like this. Like imagine you find a bed with a dead couple next to some painkillers. and a note that would have a reference to 28 days later lol.

  8. When my buddies (or anyone) try out my 44 magnum I load exactly 1 round, for this exact reason.

  9. I did that with every gun and do the same for new shooter too lol

  10. I learned how to properly uppercut when i twisted my ankle while warning up. hit the bag for a while before the injury cooled off lol.

  11. the guy that got shot was killed. remember seeing this when it came out a few years ago. fucked around and found out. I think I saw it on Theync.com or Twitter

  12. the only reason i would play snd is that cam. because i either die early or first

  13. right. it modern warfare with black powder ammo. all that smoke is dumb af lol

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