1. My girl and her best friend (both staffy crosses) play bitey-face-bum-swipe where they run around doing bitey face then swipe at each other with their bums.

  2. My household calls it the Mutt Butt Spin - our rescue hound mutt developed the move to compensate for her pitty sister having clearly superior teefus. Snarl, flash the teeth, then jump up and do a 180 and slap her sister in the face with her butt.

  3. Way to waste kids' time with a lobotomized class that no self-respecting college/university will honor as a pre-requisite. Next they'll insist that AP Bio drop evolution.

  4. Item limit is the usual culprit, but another common reason not to use the basement is because if you're glitching from the floor below, the basement ceiling is gonna be a mess of the bottom halves of partitions, bamboo planters, fireplaces being used as columns, etc.

  5. The hippo nest is ever growing, and may also include the following: old towels, holey t-shirts, retired bed pillows, and that one sleeping bag with the busted zipper that felt wasteful to throw away.

  6. What in the world is wrong with activism and intersectionality? Do they not know what the words mean? Surely they want activism on the issues they care about. Surely understanding intersectionality is valuable regardless of your political or economic perspective. Florida really needs to get itself together.

  7. Remember this is the group who turned anti-fascism into a pejorative with zero irony

  8. They are definitely atheists of the other religions. A full atheist just goes one religion/god farther in terms of not believing.

  9. Ooh, I am saving "hey, Bob, you're practically an atheist, right? Yeah, didn't you tell me you only believe in one of the gods? See, Bob mostly agrees with me."

  10. Make a list of possible additions but don't get them yet. My experience is that when I start a fresh design, the first room is amazing, perfect details. Then the next room just flows so well, and the next...and then I reach the empty bedroom and realize I have 4 slots left in the entire house, and I have to go back through making hard choices - don't really need this extra bookshelf, this rug is nice but not vital, etc. Those unused decos can get expensive, and then they clutter up my inventory because I can't just throw them away

  11. When I was deciding which house to bid on, I found one of my very favorite plot with only one bid...and a whole hoard of an FC lurking at the placard on their largest mounts, symbolically blocking it. Realized that while they couldn't stop me from bidding, they could definitely stalk me, harass me, and bomb my message book just like what happened to OP. Not worth it imo, but I hope someone braver than me sniped it from them. Jackasses.

  12. Why wouldn’t you just report all of them every time they do something to you and get them banned? No house, try no account. Reports usually go a long way if they actually harass you and especially if they type it because GMs can pull up chat logs.

  13. The same reason why I don't engage with the trolls in Limsa. Maybe it's just because I'm old, but starting an MMO feud is not how I want to spend my game sessions. I work full time with an hour commute in a medical clinic; housing design is peaceful and meditative for me and I'd rather keep it that way.

  14. Yea, all that eighties nostalgia you love? We lived it. Star Wars movies were undeniably awesome. We worried about climate change once a year on earth day and then piled into our stepdads trans am to go to pizza hut.

  15. Inheritance? Better hope your parents don't fall for a reverse mortgage ad on Fox News

  16. Not really. He just pressed the "make egg prices go up" button. There is apparently a button for everything in Washington.

  17. At least there's not a diet coke button in the oval office any more

  18. If she's picky and you love her anyway, arrange for a coffee/lunch and craft store date with her, and have her choose her own yarn. I did this for my sister-in-law who loves purple but only very specific purples, and she wore the heck out of her hat.

  19. Second pic I thought "those ears look a bit catahoula" and I was right! What a beautiful boy!

  20. I hate to fearmonger, but my oldest pitty started acting like this. Teeth fine, weirdly terrible breath, acted achy and stiff. We thought she was just getting old, but then she stopped eating. We took her to the vet to find that she had end stage kidney failure. It's why her breath smelled terrible, and the built up toxins were why her joints ached. At that point all we could do was give her a comfortable last week. Please, please go to the vet and have them do a tox screening.

  21. Did they happen to say how you could have known sooner or things to ask about?

  22. Sudden bad breath - not usual stinky dog breath but rank, almost chemical-smelling - is a common early warning. Luna's got worse so gradually that we just figured it was her being a stinky old girl. Our vet is incredibly kind, though, and never phrased it as a "you should have known" sort of symptom. He'd been her vet since she was a wee pitty puppy. When we brought her back after her last week on feel good drugs, during which she frolicked happily and everyone visited and loved on her and she ate all the bad foods she wanted, he administered the injection himself and cried with us.

  23. TIL astronomical lying qualifies you as a space expert

  24. We had a burst pipe between the main and our house a couple years back. We took the plumber's bill to the Water Dept on Carl Vinson and they waived some of the water bill (iirc it was a percentage off the highest month we had logged as a result of the leak). Hope that helps.

  25. Fireworks display July 4th in Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. It's about the most American event you can attend, and the fireworks reflect off the skyscrapers, it's very pretty

  26. Unfortunately, cops have been known to shoot dogs. Much like when they shoot humans, there’s not a very high standard of proof generally, and while it’s sorta your word against theirs… they’re the cops and you’re a person the cops might say is raising attack dogs.

  27. It may actually work out in OP's favor that a cop has now interacted with the dog, especially in a smaller precinct. The next time the crazy neighbor calls about roaming hellhounds, there will be a log for the address saying that police have visited before and the dog in question was under control and nonviolent. Means that even if someone does show up, they're less likely to have itchy trigger fingers

  28. That is indeed the blocky noggin of the domestic house hippo

  29. Is nearly silent in ARR because she speaks Eorzean with an appallingly thick accent. Sometimes she has a hard time understanding what all these fancy city dwellers are saying, so she just nods along and smiles and is usually chagrined to find out she's just agreed to attack a primal. Again.

  30. MY GLASSES!!😬 He literally ate my last pair while I slept...

  31. Oh no! I would die, I am completely blind without mine. When I knock them off the bedside table in my sleep, I have to use my cell phone camera to search for them, with the phone 4 inches from my face. Somehow I don't think I could get away with driving like that.

  32. The Fancy Cheese. My girls are enforcers of the Cheese Tax; no human is allowed to have cheese without giving the dogs a bite (usually just a shred of string cheese, or a tiny corner of a square of cheddar). There exists one tax exempt form of cheese, and that is when I splurge on a wedge of something gourmet from the cheese aisle. The look of indignation on those spoiled hippo faces when mommy eats a piece of cheese and then puts it away.

  33. Seconded all of these, I'd add Greek Village. Warner Robins has a much better food scene than you'd guess from its size due to the Air Force base. Byron is basically a suburb of Warner Robins, tbh, it doesn't have much on its own.

  34. Large enough that you will be sad that you didn't save room for their amazing desserts

  35. Before meeting the other Alphinaud, after meeting the other Alphinaud.

  36. In Estinien's defense, going from Azure to Crimson is a logical progression of skill. He must've just thought Alphinaud leveled up.

  37. I've been bidding since the bidding system started and haven't won once.

  38. There will be some second round vacancies in the older wards as lucky people relocate to their new homes in the zones they had originally wanted but ended up settling for Goblet elsewhere. Then there will be the countdown to Homeageddon, when vacancies finally, finally get demolished

  39. I've lived in the south for well over a decade. I've obviously encountered both overt and convert racism, but at least black and white folk have some exposure to one another in terms of proximity and it's not hard to find spaces where I can interact with a lot of black folk. I'd rather be here than in some town up north or the midwest where no one has ever met a black person.

  40. Racist white southerners have this weird mental gymnastics they do where they believe ignorant-ass things about black or Hispanic people as a group but somehow think the many POC they interact with on a daily basis are all exceptions. Southern racism is more insidiously institutional than individually hostile

  41. Paying the “family” to dramatize events in the public record. Why would that be a thing? How far back you wanna go? Lizzo Borden. JT Ripper?

  42. Lizzo Borden and Jack the Rapper sound like founding members of a horror rap crew I would follow the shit out of

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