1. I believe that codependents can't remain in relationships with non-codependents. There may be an initial relationship, but there has to be a "co"-dependent on both ends to function and continue. They need you as much as you need them.

  2. or if you pull the lever, then push the lever when the trolley is merging you might be able to derail it

  3. At some level I think that he places his kids as a higher priority than you. And as a dad myself ... I can't really say he is wrong for doing so. When I'm spending time with my son, I will ignore anyone else. When I am done spending time with him, I will get back to whomever contacted me.

  4. RKLB's targeted goal of being able to supply everything from building or sourcing the satellite to getting it into orbit, backed up by their proven track record, and actually generating revenue is what sold me on them. It doesn't seem too ambitious and they are actually achieving results and contracts, unlike most newer space companies, but isn't bogged down in decades of inner red tape and sluggish processes like those other guys.

  5. My guy is 20 months right now and he is great! So fun and always wanting to play. Definitely says no a lot and is a bit of a pain to get dressed and eat... but what else do you mean?

  6. I just mean the terrible twos. Mine didn't really start that until about 2 years 3 months, but it's a battle every day if it isn't exactly what he wants. Which we don't give in to. So it's a battle.

  7. I'll let you know in about 18-28 years how I did.

  8. It orbits L2, which moves with the earth in its orbit around the sun. So over a year, it will have been all 360 degrees around the sun. Plus it actually points at right angles (well, has a range of angles), so over the course of the year, it could point at any angle from the sun we want.

  9. I thought it was built to fly away from earth with the intention of exiting our Solar system. How could it do this within an orbit?

  10. Nope, it orbits L2. It will not leave the solar system. See this about where it is:

  11. What worked for me was to start talking about how I felt about talking about it.

  12. My primary neglecter was my dad, but my primary abuser was my ex-wife (17 years).

  13. Almost my entire life, I've felt the same age. I didn't feel like I was getting older at all. At 39 I still felt the same as I had at 30, 25, 20, 15. I never felt nostalgia for anything either, possibly related, but unsure.

  14. I can see you are struggling, and hurting. It is brutal to live with the trauma of our past and present.

  15. It's missing a hypothesis that is actually plausible: there is a vanishingly small window in time in which a sapient species broadcasts its presence through radio waves. That's happening here on Earth: we started emissions early in the 20th century, and they are already being phased out in favour of cables.

  16. Plus, any other civilization needs to be at the right point of their own technology development to be looking, and then phase shifted forward to the time our broadcasts reach them.

  17. The first two months of tummy time for our son was mostly on my chest. Once he was trying to push up on me, we transitioned to the floor.

  18. The answer should be: 26*26*26*10*10*10. Or 17,576,000.

  19. I've come to learn that virtually every pre-codependency-awareness relationship in my life has to end. Some small portion of people are worth forming a NEW relationship with. Most are/were not worth it. Either because I couldn't find the value there, or because they made it abundantly clear to me that they were unwilling to be a part of a new relationship, only the old.

  20. how did you make the new relationships with people? it seems difficult to make that change once you’re already so deep in a relationship with someone

  21. It IS difficult. Particularly because establishing a new relationship depends on both of you.

  22. The basis of where your actions or his actions are coming from is the dividing line. His sound like he is responding out of a place of beer. You sound like you're taking an action out of love, love of him and of yourself.

  23. Why do the particles suddenly become more visible? They get left by planes and they're clearly visible. Then they spread out and become more transparent. Then, they become highly visible as clouds again?

  24. The area of sudden low pressure behind jet engines (or wingtips, etc...) causes a drop in temperature. Any aerosol can that you have used that got colder as you sprayed... same thing.

  25. It is really hard to internet-diagnose.

  26. That’s exactly what I felt he did. I felt like he withheld it the entire relationship to get back at me for breaking up with him that night. I’m sure he got a kick out of it each time I tried to address the issue, and meanwhile my self esteem kept tanking over the course of the sexless relationship. Maybe he wasn’t consciously doing it, I don’t know, but it really did feel deep down that’s what was going on. But I feel bad acting on that when I don’t have solid proof of it, it’s an invisible thing, you know?

  27. Assuming you mean without air resistance

  28. I think the initial opening of the relationship can be between someone who is healthy and a codependent, although rare (since we attract unhealthy people to start with). But the healthy one will leave relatively soon.

  29. There isn't at all enough information to determine this.

  30. I was hit by a fully laden ford explorer doing 65. I was driving a jeep commanche pickup that was empty.

  31. Yeah, very violent. I hope you don't have any lasting injuries.

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