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#143 - Nene

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  1. Have you ever drawn Roboco? I think she'd look really cute in your style.

  2. Noted her down! Those robo-legs will be tricky >->

  3. Yeees everyone shall appear 😎

  4. Very nice! I gotta say your style reminds me a lot of SrGrafo's stuff.

  5. He was actually teaching me back when I started all this!

  6. Yo you were just here a month ago with the chibi Moom. Love this new one! Very well done.

  7. Hey thanks a lot! Happy I got recognised haha

  8. "Ohh sorry, let me fix your arm"

  9. Lots of goldies this week :1999: congrats to everyone and thank you for playing :2005:

  10. wish I had the patience for mangas hah, maybe if I find a very engaging one :1996:

  11. Oh have we unlocked new yelly lore? Do you have any favorite anime/comics?

  12. hah it may be cliche but Death Note and Monster are my favorite animes, nothing could surpass them yet 😌

  13. This looks amazing! Also today I learned I share a birthday with Fauna

  14. Happy birthday!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸ₯³

  15. These hololive members have a lot of details. You're progress is tangible

  16. Thank you!:) They sure take a bit of time hah, but it's fun!

  17. True I forgot, added it as a new comment

  18. Could we get the coolest blacksmith Kaela Kovalskia next?

  19. Aaaa I love her hair(s), I'm excited for this one~ :vihappy:

  20. that looks very good! making me hungry by looking at it haha

  21. the face turned out so cute! it's amazing how far you've come :3

  22. I even had to reduce them first because they turned out too long haha. Thank you!

  23. Little late so vi prob won't see this, but I just wanted to say I'm so crazy proud u got to this point!!! Ur style is so unique and I'm so excited to see you polish it more and more.

  24. Nah I rarely miss the comments haha! Thanks a lot triehe :)

  25. thanks!:) I'll write it down haha

  26. she's been impatient but getting there haha

  27. Didn't do as well this time, need to make up for it next go around. Looking forward to it x

  28. This one was a bit more tricky :1995:

  29. 28L is such an insane amount, on one hand I know it needs to be enough to sustain a calf, but that’s also a massive flux in weight through milk alone

  30. yeah I had to triple check it when I read about it, but turns out dairy cows are capable of doing this!

  31. Put your answers like this "A, A, A, A"

  32. Have fun at the penguin bank, hope they have some nice snow

  33. They do have some good ice cream 🍨

  34. I have some bee-siness to take care of today, thought I'd post an update just in case (●'β—‘'●)

  35. Nice perspectives. can you do some shifty eyes?

  36. I'm a bit late to the party, but I really appreciate the included sketches; I'm trying to teach myself how to draw and more specifically the process of how to draw (as opposed to being taught how to draw a specific image from a specific perspective).

  37. Glad you find it useful!:) I want to do the same thing, to at least have a good idea of how I want the faces to look and how to make them that way from any perspective.

  38. πŸŒŒπŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

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