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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. I second this. I hate sand, it’s coarse and gets everywhere.

  2. yess and also free ghislaine maxwell, free bill cosby, free FUCKING BIN LADEN BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE WHYD THEY TAKE HIM FROM US

  3. Interesting.. I only see nexo and binance offering to help other struggling crypto projects. Good company to be in.

  4. Not sure what feels worse. The fact I broke my phone today or losing my streak

  5. The phrase in god we trust but replaced with yak. In god we trust is on American bills.

  6. First prank I've seen in a long time that is funny and good fun for all

  7. You need a liter of dog jizz how long do you think that’s gonna take? How many jerks? Is it worth the 20k in the end

  8. No you don’t goofy ! Do you need a liter of human jizz to have a baby ? No u need to do it one time .

  9. You’re dumb you need a liter to sell a liter for 20k. The goal is to make money not collect dog semen. If you’re doing to to breed them that’s still weird just let the dog do his thing.

  10. Just to give some outside context. This symbol in the UK and most of Europe is to communicate “okay”. It’s not widely known as a white supremacy adoption. So in this scenario I’d lean towards the idea they are just saying they are OK after the arrest. (I’m Irish/British) hope that adds another layer to the conversation.

  11. She probably uses them for ‘other services’ of which they are unable to decline.

  12. But it did come out that they lied about certain aspects of the vaccine, like it’s effect on the menstrual cycle.

  13. Now if only they can accept a stable coin and I can spend off that stablecoin. I don't want to send my BTC and sell it for CAD. Thats a taxable event.

  14. Yeah 8% apr paid weekly based on your cad balance, if your balance change then the rate of sats will too.

  15. Be on a wait list to get 4% apr on bitcoin. Which you can do right now with Nexo or many other platforms

  16. nah he just said they where close, people just assume they dated because peep was bi and he’s gay. I’ve seen this floating around for so long but no one’s ever been able to show me where makonnen said they dated

  17. Can’t wait around for something that will never happen in many places

  18. Nothing happens when you don’t try thats true

  19. Exactly, I’ll try for myself and provide for myself you think I’m gonna wait for some fat government fucks to finally fund public transportation in my area and not make it shit? No I’ll just transport myself

  20. I like to picture Jesus as a bald man with a super long index finger on his right hand that he uses to offer mummies a toupee.

  21. I like to picture my Jesus in a tuxedo t shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.

  22. Fuck the cops every last one is corrupt. After having a limb broken by one and then they lied on the police report about how it happened. And stole all my pack but that’s expected.

  23. He lost billions in the attack. His insurance payout was way less than the damage. But that’s never stopped antisemitic conspiracy theories

  24. Wrong he netted over a billion that damages came to 3 billion and change he got 4.55.

  25. Which he’ll be directly profiting from? Doesn’t change the fact he profited from the 9/11 attacks, what he did with the money after is not the point really

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