1. What brand even is this. Looks like something you could find in a Sears in the 90s

  2. I have retail, same size if you need pics. All colors look hella off but it could be lighting. Also don’t ever tell people it’s retail bc the size labels are awful on reps lmao

  3. Yeah the AI aint really know who destroy lonely is i think cuz I did one with young thug and it actually had some lines in it similar too thuggers songs

  4. Assuming this is chatgpt it knows stuff pre 2021 the most and not much after so thats prolly why

  5. I’ve tried that as well but it always gives me an error midway idk what’s wrong

  6. Use pandabuy, thank me later

  7. You dont find these on pandabuy. Pandabuy is an agent you just need to copy the link and use it on any agent, Pandabuy being one of them. Pandabuy isnt the seller

  8. #FreeDaGuys #FreeCarti #FreeBeno #FreeMeechie 💔💔💔

  9. Thought carti and yeat had beef for a little or maybe I’m wrong just based off of what I saw a few weeks ago

  10. Ts was from a satire rap news ig account and people thought it was real. Carti has said nun publicly abt yeat

  11. also said carti was supposed to be on project x, tbh good chance he’s just trolling

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