1. This is not accurate. I just googled it. LA County population is under 10 million as of 2021 per census.

  2. Is that all those states combined or each state individually? If the latter, should probably read “Each State in blue has a smaller population than L.A. County California”

  3. The thing is that Republicans hold most of the land while democrats are concentrated in cities a lot more. This makes it easy for Republicans to target high density areas/ more effective bombings. They also have more of their land connected as the democrats would have to fight through Republican areas to connect their cities.

  4. I just thought their facial expressions look really weird

  5. "If" "you" "want" "to" "find" "where" "your" "son/daughter" " is" "in" "the" "house" "Simply" "turn" off" "the" "wifi" "and" "wait!"

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