1. Salt and dry the meats (extends self life by alot) same with fish, any tomatos, mushrooms, or other fruits and vegetables, put them in a corner, mixed with fertilizer and poop, continuous source of food, so with a just vegetable diet and little to no sunlight after a long time, I'll probably die within a few decades

  2. Gone deep with composting. I like it. With prep like that, I’d expect boredom to take you before lack of sustenance

  3. Act like a 5 year old and say "I don't wanna!"

  4. Don't have to worry about anyone's wants but mine

  5. Be an entrepreneur, invent something that hasn't been invented yet, like a motor car

  6. I might only be 14, but this was a fuccin nightmare

  7. Samsung A53, would rather a phone that lasts longer, than one that's more powerful

  8. Iphone 13 (I need a new phone, this one looks like a woman drivers bumper)

  9. China, seeing those two destroy each other from a 'god' view would be awesome

  10. The lore of red dead 2, just to piss people off

  11. Some old man asking me "you seen the docs round here?"

  12. My dad out side, on gravel naked, in the middle of winter, at night. (I'm Australian, so night gets to ~3°C)

  13. The stereotype that Canadians always apologize

  14. Not too weird, but. A few years ago, Was riding around behind the back of my house (I'm in the Aussie bush, so there's backtracks everywhere) and was riding by my neighbours house and they fired a shogun in my direction, I legitimately shat myself, and cried (I was 8, what do you want), I saw him the next day on the path, and he apologized, he was a nice man, and offered me a free Milo, and to chat, chatted for a while, and left, hear he moved out a few years ago, I never knew.

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