1. Oh. Its The Frontier and "Wasteland Tonk Edits" mod, or something like this. Adds The Frontier vehicles into the Mojave (tanks for NCR, chariots for the Legion, etc). Then its just the console to place one of the tanks and Rangers there and take the screenshot

  2. Is there any way to get those vehicles without downloading the entire Frontier? A standalone release maybe?

  3. Nope they said they would but that was a year ago

  4. Damn. Maybe there's a way I can delete most of the files but keep the ones for vehicles.

  5. TIMELOCKED is basically Black Mesa + Portal + Blue Shift + Furry mixed together

  6. So it's a fan game that takes concepts from Half-Life and Portal but isn't actually set in the same universe?

  7. Yeah, but we added our own mechanics too, you are stuck in a time loop as well

  8. I personally felt it was hard for the sake of being hard most times (Seriously, why are feral ghouls cannon fodder in the base game but are suddenly the toughest things alive?) and that there was quite a bit of technical (but mostly negligible) jank, but I think the story was fantastic.

  9. Yeah, exactly. I get that you wanna make a hard and dark survival game, but at least make it semi-consistent with the source, y'know?

  10. I got matches with these songs:

  11. I'm pretty sure that's a health syringe from Half-Life: Alyx.

  12. Where do these videos come from? This is the third one I've seen, I think.

  13. "This one time, my buddy Keith started up a historic tour, on account of his mom took him to Colonial Williamsburg, and it's like a license to print money at them places. Now, you might ask yourself how an honest attempt to recreate the majesty of Colonial times turned into raccoon fights at five bucks a pop in Keith's backyard, ha-ha. Man, the answer to that particular question is that Keith is sharing a place with his two brothers and them being assholes who wouldn't let them do it anywhere but the backyard; well, add that to Keith didn't technically have any, y'know, history to put on display, but he did have a whole family of raccoons living in the chassis of an old car and you'd begin to understand."

  14. OK I know he used to be a coach, but is "Coach" a real name? Because Rochelle even wonders if it was his first name or last name when he dies.

  15. I don't think it is, but the closest there's been to an official name is his voice actor saying he thinks his name would be Wendell Jones. I also remember a lot of people backing the theory that his name was Darnell Coleman, the combined names of his mocap actor and voice actor.

  16. I wonder what a DUST Courier playthrough would look like.

  17. my cringefail child stabbed the gas main yesterday :sadge:

  18. I just changed the opacity of the layer where that hallucination is in

  19. Damn, I legitimately can't see it unless I highlight the image.

  20. It's real hard to tell, but I think it's a citizen model from Half-Life 2, one of the refugee models specifically. Could be wrong, though.

  21. Shitting yourself was a common way to die in his day? This is actually rather shocking if true.

  22. A lot of illnesses can cause vomiting and diarrhea, both of which could take a lot out of a person in terms of water and nutrients and could prove fatal. Cholera was a massive killer back then.

  23. I think that they shot themselves in the foot a little bit with making it so moddable, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, the game is great, but all that you can really add are new maps, guns, and/or survivor models. And that’s pretty much 99% of steam workshop mods. They’d either have to release any new content for super cheap and depend on the community to be large enough and interested enough to buy it over the community content (seems unlikely), or they’d have to just straight up release something new as a full blow new game that would (understandably) be lampooned as doing exactly what free mods have been doing for over a decade.

  24. I'd say that aside from the campaigns, mutations, and occasional full survivor replacer, the workshop can't easily make something that could satiate the itch for a new game. Most of the weapon mods are just model swaps with a few exceptions, same with survivors. If Valve were to make Left 4 Dead 3, I'd expect there to be a few new actual weapons as well as new survivors instead of a few models being switched, y'know?

  25. Any secrets hidden in the "December" page? I can't really find anything of note in the source code or anywhere on the page. Or is it implying that Dess is missing or dead or whatever the theories say?

  26. Companion NPCs that cause trouble around you. Maybe a character is wanted by a certain faction and so going in certain places with them is a recipe for trouble. Maybe a character is a belligerent asshole and will get into fights when faced with other belligerent asshole types, etc.

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