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  1. Damn my friend. Thanks for asking. I have tthe same problem. I just end up ripping out the top slides and being careful to keep the box upright.

  2. Check other the other response. Just flip it and open the bottom like any other sealed box. Easier than fucking with the top

  3. Open it like a normal sealed box from the bottom instead.

  4. I think I found my solution. Always frustrates me when there is like 2 left and I can't get them out, and this alleviates that issue too.

  5. I love the calm, gentle, offer of the chimp's hand.

  6. Damn, nice locks bro. This actually did cheer me up a bit, I appreciate that. Hope you have a good day my dude.

  7. I get solid brain-fog from weed for a good few hours in the morning. Not unpleasant, just feeling a little stupid for a bit. Wears off by the end of the day. It’s why I can’t make it a weekday habit because I’m a public accountant and can’t really fuck-up my numbers.

  8. Do you get it with all forms or one specifically?

  9. Oh for sure! My stoner snacks are usually salami, mixed nuts and filtered water (if not sardines or salmon).

  10. Well that's unfortunate, why make only edibles legal? Sorry to hear that. I'd offer to mail you some but I'm pretty sure that's a federal offense xD

  11. The Dark Tower movie had a few of the same words as the books, and some good actors, and that's about all the positive there is to say about it. And that's from a DT junkie.

  12. I say just make a movie of the flashback from book 4 and how Roland became a gunslinger. That was my favorite part of the entire series, and the only part I reread.

  13. I didn't/wouldn't give a shit. Found out my boi was bi when he took us to a gay bar after a concert. I ended up getting some free drinks out of it xD

  14. Don't care for the music but gaht damn I love me some Lady Gaga

  15. There's only a few of her songs I vibe to, but I admire the fuck out of this woman. Her vocal range is fantastic and on top of that she sings and preforms from the heart. She's invested in what she sings about.

  16. So can someone do the math and tell me what his BAC might be? I understand there are about 17 shots in a bottle of Bacardi at 40% ABV. Anyway, I don't admire stupid.

  17. Depending on size and sex, lethality is anywhere from 0.35-0.4 BAC for the majority of people. That doesn't take into account genetics which somehow also plays a role in alcohol tolerance. Some people can be 20-30% above that range and survive.

  18. As a dude who had a lifted truck and currently has a large truck for reasons, I completely agree.

  19. To add onto this, he was seeing consistently better scores because he was consistently improving his shot. I get the feeling that his current plateau is caused by not having much to work on.

  20. I have not practiced in months as I've been trying to allow my finger more time to heal, so I bowl 3 games during league night and that's it. I definitely think this has impacted me for sure. I also do have a finger tip ball that I bought and had fitted for me, my scores were about the same, but I was still rolling it as a straight ball. It would sort of curve towards the end of my roll which was neat, but I had no idea what I was doing or how to make it curve. After the season is over I might go back to it and practice more. My finger injury did happen right around the time I messed with the finger tip ball though...

  21. I'd say have your PSO double check your span and layout to make sure it's setup correctly for you. Fingertip is definitely an adjustment but it's actually more comfortable and less damaging when it's done right.

  22. Find a sport shot league to practice on. College tournaments are all on sport shots, and often times they never tell you what they are.

  23. Most of the good “high oil” balls are fairly expensive. The more popular recommendations on here are the exotic gem, phase 2, zen pearl. The more knowledgeable folks on here are going to want some more info

  24. How long did it take before you were comfortable? I'm a defensive driver so I never trust anyone on the road so I'm tentative about doing it in general.

  25. Yeah I'm good xD I'm sure it's a beautiful place but I prefer country sides over heavily congested places

  26. I got this same compliment once when getting my blood drawn and while I know it was purely for medical reasons, it gave me a nice little boost in confidence lol.

  27. I had something similar happen. I was absolutely blitzed and the nurse said I'd be a good trial run for her trainee. I was all for it, let's fuckin go. I've got a history of injuries so I'm used to pokes and prods.

  28. Going to get downvoted to hell, but fuck it. The anti Saudi Arabia (and anti Qatar World Cup) propaganda is borderline racist and over the top.

  29. Saudis kill people because they don't dress how they like. They kill their most intelligent people because they disagree with the regime's direction.

  30. Arcane is one of the best animated shows I’ve ever seen. Period. Also, it is the most beautifully animated show I’ve ever seen by a large margin. The art direction, style, animation, fighting choreography, random artsy scenes… it was just so pleasing to look at complimented by really good voice acting and a great plot. I was in love. I will still never go back to playing LoL though hahaha.

  31. I'm finding it hard to bring myself to watch Arcane because I'm a Dota fan. Granted, I didn't watch the Dota anime, but still.

  32. My physical therapist told me about working for the Texas Rangers (MLB, not law enforcement). The athletes were super entitled and lazy: they’d show up hungover, or not put in any effort, or just straight up skip sessions. My PT prefers working with non-athletes, because they usually take it more seriously.

  33. I think it depends on whether they're successful by effort or by fortune, if that makes sense.

  34. I think there's a further issue for all athletes in that they can/could do intense, hard exercises, and physiotherapy is asking them to do 12 reps with a 5 pound weight. So it doesn't seem like it's training up to their difficulty level and might just seem silly.

  35. To build onto both that and my previous statement, guys who had to work for it know it takes real work. Maybe that "real work" is 5lb weights and they recognize that. Guys who are naturally gifted have this expectation that it'll work itself out regardless and they'll be fine.

  36. Am I the only one who doesn't know who this is...?

  37. I feel like if you are a veteran you should get special privileges. I think a retirement plan of short regardless of time served.

  38. If that were the case, I could understand the inflated military budget to an extent. If a not-insignificant amount of the money went to our veterans, fine.

  39. Should've just kept a phonetic pronunciation like "Najima" or something. I think an NJA logo could look sick.

  40. Rural people have almost always been painfully conservative. They just vote for whatever the priest tells them to

  41. Yup. I don't get it, especially since they're christian.

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