1. No need for any e-mails to smear your reputation. You already did it to yourself.

  2. 100% underrated gem of 2022. Great music and even greater story with parallels to current day world events.

  3. I hope we don't lose this sarcastic humour in Secret Invasion and Armor Wars.

  4. I'm new to this show. Was that the approximate turn around from Season 1 to 2?

  5. I know I'm going to be downvoted to hell for this but...

  6. I love how confident your opponent was.

  7. For a second I thought i was going to be for the white SUV that looks like a shitty park job.

  8. I want to read at least one book this year haha.

  9. Also variants that make tokens should have alternate art for the tokens, e.g: Squirrel Girl, Doctor Doom, Bucky Barnes

  10. As an Ultron player I understand. There are dozens of us. Dozens!

  11. I want the Opening to be a Infinity Saga recap by Luis.

  12. I guess if you didn't know lord Feige has said that Peña did record something for the Infinity Saga but obviously it has not hit the light of day.

  13. I’m honestly shocked it’s not a Disney trademark at this point!

  14. I was just wondering if it was even trademarked pre-Disney.

  15. I love psyching opponent's out by not playing anything till the last turn then oops, here's and Ultron and I win the other two locations.

  16. It is until you fuck up. Then you're stressed as shit after.

  17. Imagine Kojima trying to explain it to investors.

  18. I might be the minority here but I see it as a win having more players access P3 and P4. As long as it's 60fps that's all I care for.

  19. If you have NSO maybe it was backed up?

  20. Is that an iOS thing that the clock goes behind the object? That's a neat trick.

  21. Enjoy it now. Then you realise you still can't get Research from Gyms nor do Rockets or Grunts spawn on them. Also you can't lure up a Gym.

  22. Eh, you get free research daily anyway, and the ability to have a raid in your living room is better than all of that put together.

  23. Yes raiding is nice too. But you'll never get event research. I know because my stop that I live on got upgraded to a gym.

  24. The only counter to Lugia is waiting for the rotation 😂

  25. Alfred Molina at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  26. Huh. For whatever reason I just assumed it was on there already because GTA V was there.

  27. https://media.tenor.com/yo82ShdFCeoAAAAd/so-hes-an-idiot.gif

  28. We still missing a few from Team Cockroach for the MCU. We'll get there like we did with Community.

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