1. Belter, make sure you do her justice and dry slow and don’t wet trim hahahha

  2. Locally sourced clone, didn’t know any details before hand

  3. Do 6/7 rounds on the pads every day so should break in nicely, need to get on that heavy bag 👊🏽

  4. You can burn the roots just as easy? All about how much you use…Most “living soil” guys use salts and kill their living soil anyways

  5. Salt based nutrients do not kill microbes, it has been proven, I use both together, organic, inorganic and salt based nutrients

  6. To be honest with you, if you are 165 the gloves are not the issue and 2 oz is not gonna make a difference. You need conditioning not better gear

  7. Yeah I think it comes down to conditioning( the gloves don’t feel heavy just a few rounds in and my shoulders are fucked, can barely keep my hands up 🤣🤣

  8. Just keep at it. You will be surprised how fast your endurance will rise. There are not many shortcuts in martial arts brother. Best of luck!

  9. I tried them, they’re okay, not the best, not the worst. They’re basically Cleto’s version of a kickboxing or MMA glove.

  10. my 2 cents, I dont know this particular model, but cleto reyes smaller sizes are tight as fuck... I have kinda big hands and I can barely make it into my 12oz cleto reyes, and had to squish them for several days for them to stop mashing my thumb..... cant even wrap my hands, fine by me cuz they fell really protective but still.

  11. Ah shit really, love the look and style of the cletos, what do you suggest?

  12. Stardog has been the go to for 5 years in the U.K. amnesia haze not as prolific but been around 10 years

  13. Interesting! Thanks for checking in from the UK. I’ve never had either strain. Wasn’t cheese pretty popular there?

  14. Cheese was massive, but stardog has completely taken over, not many people want ‘flavours’ even if it was the same price it’s crazy

  15. All black cherry pie cuttings, can’t wait to harvest them they’re nice chunky solid colas

  16. Black cherry pie, not sure if the breeder as I bought cuttings off of someone

  17. Meant to be 8 week flowerers these, 8 days will be week 8

  18. How do you take your meds on a 7 day Fast? Without food I get nausea so if never done more than 20 hours

  19. I couldn’t tell you buddy, I bought cuts but I’d imagine in-house would’ve been the cuttings guy go to as they’re probably the most well known seed breeder

  20. Black cherry pie, not colours coming as of yet tho, smells incredible

  21. Yeah mine looked super similar to this really dense flower, didn’t lack a punch either, yields were just on the smaller side

  22. 18 I really crammed them in on this one to save time on veg

  23. Wow my weed burns white it’s not down to flushing it’s down to drying

  24. Probably just the ovule. Basically a would-be seed, waiting to be pollinated. Every bract carrys one

  25. pour water. it will reduce chance of pollination, wash it off

  26. What I’m saying is I can’t see any pollen sacks, there hasn’t been any pollen anywhere near them, it was just a pre flower that looked chunky so I opened it and there was a green ball inside similar to a immature seed, roughly the size of a grain of sand

  27. Thankyou, hopefully these are as pretty flowers as the mac1 I just grew

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