1. It’s a tight space for your legs, but it actually widens out a lot a few feet from the ground, so unless you’re very short, the most constricted part will be your legs, not your torso. You have to kind of shuffle and twist to get your legs through, and the ceiling is low, so you have to duck a lot. It’s short, but wasn’t a huge deal, but I’m 5’10” and about 200 lbs for reference, which has gotta be about the most personal details I’ve ever given out on Reddit!

  2. I would genuinely love to see a show or comic series set around Jean Luc Picard captaining the Stargazer!

  3. Reunion is set during the TNG timeframe but features many of the crew from the Stargazer. It was written before any Stargazer-proper novels, but by the same author (Michael Jan Friedman) who would go on to write those.

  4. As it is not listed in their options for wargear on the datasheet, no.

  5. Nah, there is still people defending them even in this occasion. Sometimes it goes beyond color, they are just sadistic scum.

  6. Oh sure, bootlickers gonna lick boots. But both the person who originally tweeted and the guys responding are notorious right-wingers who would absolutely be defending the cops, and have, when things were different.

  7. The boot is so far down this guy’s throat that it’s poking his brain, he clearly can’t think straight.

  8. The description of the weapon also matches that of a Vigil Spear, the standard melee weapon on a watch master model. And the schtick with Custodians is that they each have a crazy long name, this describes a long list of separate names.

  9. Custard names are a bunch of shorter names and the Vigil spear is a Custodian spear that was given to the deathwatch.

  10. Yes, I’m aware of this. That’s what makes this theory not work. Deathwatch already has the weapon described, it doesn’t need to be a Custodes weapon to match that description, and the passage states that the names are the “names of those who had carried it to war”. Names plural. Those plural. If it was one long list of names describing a singular Custodes, it would be a name singular (my first, middle, and last names are still described collectively as my “name”, not my “names”), and “those” would be “he”.

  11. In my current campaign, we’ve been averaging one level for every 12 hours of play, with a range of three to 15 hours between levels. We’ve had 5-6 players for most of it though, so you might move through content a little faster with three.

  12. You have a number of hit dice equal to your level. The type of die is the one your class rolls for additional HP every level.

  13. From the promo image it looks like a lieutenant, the new dread, five heavy Intercessors, and ten Desolators, right? Assuming the dread is similar to a Redemptor and the Desolators are similar to Hellblasters, it’s like 35-40% more points than a Combat Patrol.

  14. If they are two units that take up two separate battlefield role slots in a detachment, then yes. If it is one unit that is combat squadded pre-match into two five-man teams, then no.

  15. Not quite sure what you mean by battlefield roles. Are you referring to the heavy support, hq, elites, etc. Or am I being a goofy goober.

  16. Yep, you have a certain number of each role that fit into any given detachment. If you take two units of five, taking up two of your Heavy Support slots, they can each have four special weapons because they are created as two separate smaller units. Each unit can have up to four specials at creation, regardless of how many models are in it.

  17. Best use for a Hunter-killer I’ve ever seen.

  18. Successors without their own tactics rules use the Custom Tactics rules. You can select two tactics from the Custom Tactics list, unless you select one that says you can only take that one (such as Inheritors of the Primarch).

  19. Tau weren’t spaceborne yet, Necrons were sleeping, Tyranids hadn’t arrived, Votaan were doing whatever Votaan have been doing in the Galactic Core. That pretty much leaves Orks, who aren’t really the “taking advantage of” sorts, and your various types of Eldar.

  20. Q-Squared by Peter David is the most fun Trek book I’ve ever read.

  21. Picard traveled to a different timeline, one where the Federation didn’t exist and was replaced by the Confederation. He then traveled back into the past from that alternate reality. In that reality’s past, Picard had never previously traveled back to meet Guinan, presumably the events of “Time’s Arrow” happened differently. There’s a lot of debate amongst the fandom as to whether this all tracks, since they traveled back to a point before the two timelines diverged, but this is the explanation given by showrunner Terry Matalas. Ultimately, whether it makes sense from a temporal mechanics standpoint or not, it’s a literal “Q Did It” situation, so it it works the way it works because that’s the way Q wanted it to work.

  22. It is legal, but stormbolters can’t use SIA in 9th, so it hasn’t been terribly optimal. With the recent points changes, it’s even less so.

  23. Well, my guess is there’s a reason it’s hosted on a Russian server.

  24. It’s inclusion was always gonna be a real Wild Card.

  25. It says "Star Trek: Generations" so isn't it correct in saying 2371 as the date for that movie?

  26. Ohhhh you’re right. Not wearing my glasses. 2371 is correct then.

  27. It depends on what the CR of the NPCs was and any other considerations your DM wants to take into account. This is a question for your DM, not Reddit.

  28. There is a quarterly balance update and a bi-annual points update. Each time one of these two docs is updated, every change still in effect from previous updates is included again in the new version along with the new changes, so you don’t need to keep up with which ones you have, or which is most current, you just need the most recent version of each of the two (in addition to your codex).

  29. you also need the codex FAQ, the core rules, the core rules errata, the mission packs, the mission pack errata, any supplemental books you wanted to use (like the one for Boarding Actin), the supplemental book errata, and one furry cat or dog to help you de-stress after you double check your backpack full of books before your next event.

  30. You don’t need the mission packs or their errata, or any other supplemental books. The other stuff, yes, but I was speaking in terms of “keeping up” with changes, which is OP’s concern. The rulebook, errata, and FAQ are pretty much set in stone at this point.

  31. This needs one of those Twitter fact checks that just says “in fact, no one is switching to the Babylon Bee because people like their satire to be funny”.

  32. If people only have the time to run say, 30 levels of a campaign a year, putting out more content isn’t going to get them to buy more, they can still only get through the same number of books. Now you’re just publishing more books for the same total number of purchases among all books.

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