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Hours after being sworn in, six school board members in Berkeley County, SC voted to fire the district's first black superintendent, terminate the district's lawyer, and ban critical race theory

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  1. To me it's just the overall flavor, size of the can (not too big not too small), and the fact that it's 0 sugar/calories is a super plus for me as well.

  2. My local hood corner store. I've only ever seen it at a few places and Quik Trip near me used to carry it and then they all of a sudden stopped.

  3. I wasn't even there but the way she was hitting the camera person aggravated the hell out of me.

  4. Damn. I wish they'd bring it back. I love monster rehab but have been wanting a green tea flavor for a while.

  5. I don't understand all the differences in monster, like what makes the rehab one different? And why's it called rehab lol

  6. Tastes like spit water. I prefer sugar free red bull over just about any other energy drink.

  7. I wish people would stop acting like political views don't translate nearly 100% into your views on just about every important thing in life.

  8. It's wild because you start to find out that at any given point in time the entire world is broken out into some kind of protest towards the powers that be.

  9. So many things wrong with this video and the least concerning is the kitten lol

  10. It doesn't look all that different from the trucks they already have...

  11. The whole concept that simply sitting down with, having a conversation with, or trying to find a way to work with people who have radical ideas or flat out incorrect ideas is weird.

  12. I only trust user reviews at this point. These company reviews are complete ass.

  13. Is it just me or does it look like Adam has a bulletproof vest on?

  14. Make a big fucking deal. Become Karen. Trust me they can’t force this on u. By doing this u could walk I got he facility and just start causing problems: being loud, agitating, mean, belligerent, etc. they will probably cancel that membership for u.

  15. Nah I'd never do something like that lol, especially alone over something as minor as this.

  16. You signed up for these terms. Maybe you can get the government to pay this off for you..

  17. I am beginning to understand that while backwards AF, these random conservative groups/movements across the country are wildly organized, powerful, and effective in their lobbying efforts.

  18. This is the result of Steve Bannon’s precinct program to get local engagement of conservative voices. It was supposed to deliver them state offices for years to come, which it failed to do this time but it did get tons of crazy fucks into local politics.

  19. I believe it, these movements are effective as hell.

  20. I can tell you exactly what will come of this.

  21. So sick of the ad attacks on each other as well.

  22. I keep seeing ads about Warnock apparently giving PPP loans out to "out of state luxuries". It was a national bill, so yes, not everything is going to be in Georgia, and do they not think ski resorts had a tough time during covid just like the bakery down the street? The best argument republicans can find against Warnock is that a PPP loan was given to a ski resort.

  23. They're banking on people not thinking that logically. And it's working.

  24. These people in the "government stay out of our lives" states are very much in everybody's lives eh?

  25. Yes especially because they sit around and listen to a 24/7 news cycle always telling them they're in danger of being robbed, killed, or having their kids kidnapped into sex trafficking...even though crime is largely the lowest it's been in many ways.

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