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  1. Check your agar plates that you were selling at the last meetup. A fellow redditor bought 3 and 2 were most definitely contaminated. Gotta keep a good reputation my dog!

  2. We contacted OP about this and they did not respond about refund. We are not sure how it could have happened though since it was straight from The Cube Closet, but we will watch out in the future.

  3. We have a few prizes! One prize is an all in one grow kit with syringe! The other prize is 2 55qt Modified Monotubs with 10lb of substrate!

  4. Where did it come from? What genetics made the fin that was isolated? Had to come from somewhere it didn't just appear from nowhere

  5. I was told by The Cube Closet that it is an enigma cross that has alot more fin mutation. He isnt fully sure of the cross tho sorry buddy!

  6. Just got a spore syringe of Lucid Gates for my SO who is planning to grow these in a grow bag. Any tips for these guys? Thanks :)

  7. Yeah! They are rapid growers but they will open veil a while before they are done! I let mine go for a while just to let them get huge

  8. That line was massive at the meetup. I feel like there would be multiple post or complaints if this was a common theme from yakfish’s products. Still can be with time but I guess time will tell.

  9. We aim to make sure everyone is happy! There has been very few people reach out with an issue and they have ALWAYS been refunded.

  10. Midwest Mold Kit vibes just off your response lol. Shifting blame away from the business towards the customer and accusing them of being a troll smh

  11. We are not trying to shift anything anywhere and I am super sorry if it came off that way. We have made multiple attempts to contact OP about this but they kept replying to others about where he got them and that was it.

  12. This actually manic mycos creation that was later stolen by limitless genetics. Manic myco deserves all the credit for these. Check out his work on fb. He created the infamous ART - tat x Albino riptide

  13. So how does that work exactly? Do you guys fund his work in exchange for exclusive genetics?

  14. https://www.coloradoculturesllc.com

  15. Note that we have had alot of people making bad reviews due to misnamed cultures lately. Not spreading hate just making people aware.

  16. I haven’t seen those reviews, can you point me to the link?

  17. It has been throughout this subreddit recently. Myself included i was personally told by the owner that the names are made up which leads to issue.

  18. Your supposed to clone 1st and 2nd flush only... anything after that won't carry the traits. Monster fruits and oddities happen in later flushes because the genetics are so spread out from the first cpl flushes. Unfortunately all you did was take a clone tissue sample of the genetics you started with. If you get something unique swab and clone flush 1 and 2 only.

  19. Honestly, always tell your partner of your intentions. To do otherwise is only thinking of yourself which is problematic in relationships.

  20. I know i’ve really been battling with the aspect that i didn’t tell them tell after for selfish reasons ie their emotions messing up my trip

  21. Its okay buddy. We can talk if you need. I totally get it. It can be hard to be judged going into something. I have talked with my partner about this how it helps me to have her comfort me. Talk with them from the heart and I think you may be surprised πŸ™‚

  22. Running the gates on corn i see? Someone knows what we like πŸ˜‰πŸ€ 

  23. Lmao I have zero idea what I’m doing. Care to elaborate? πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ»

  24. Hahaha corn is an extremely fast grain for colonizing. I personally love to use it. Also, lucid gates is the strain from Shroomology genetics we have been pushing to the Denver area alot and is one of our top grows. Hence why I said you do it like we like it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  25. Yeah! So mushrooms are actually extracted using a ultrasonic extractor or sub sonifier. That is how you would make the goo you are talking about we have this as well and add it to our chocolates on top of the powdered shrooms.

  26. Lucid gates because they melt your face off and give dmt level visuals in macro doses. 🀠

  27. Just on a standard 130 degree dehydrator. That is why they are called All Black Cap- when dried they change color immensely!

  28. Totally can do this but no need for it! Can just hoodie tek and retape and the environment does amazing later flushes

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