1. Gallimimus is 6 meters head to tail, and here is a more accurate reconstruction, with it over 2.5 meters tall with proper posture.

  2. The Jurassic World Evolution Gallimimus is only about 2 metres tall.

  3. As I write this, your comment has 911 upvotes, and I find that to be a miracle

  4. It's the 1940s, Two Jewish children are fighting in a concentration camp court yard.

  5. I thought the one on the right was a picture of a cooked steak

  6. That sounds good but I don’t really know what that is

  7. I am doing it for my birthday, my bday is tomorrow on the 8th so for one of my gifts my family and I are going to see it when it comes out.

  8. I hate when my cows and items turn into an Edmontosaurus regalis and an Iguanodon bernissartensis.

  9. I'm sure some sauropods could reach and even exceed normal blue whale sizes but to top over 200 tons maybe a bit of a stretch

  10. Well, I try to tell everyone I'm straight because everyone thinks I'm gay

  11. "Ayo, look at this tooth, let's make an entire family of theropods out of it"

  12. I still like how the regular fossils are incredibly massive, implying that minecraft used to have massive animals. Well sniffers are basically dinosaurs so maybe the fossils are giant sniffer ancestors. That’d be pretty cool

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