Data Finds Republicans are Obsessed with Searching for Transgender Porn

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  1. 好奇176体重180的strong 是多么strong

  2. 所以为什么撤,有人知道吗

  3. I'll make sweet love to this baby

  4. oh god, absolutely heaven

  5. I thought hes already in jail

  6. In South Africa we call it a stink bug - The stinky smell lingers for a long time.

  7. it's called stink bug in Chinese as well

  8. 😯thanks for telling me. geez, this could kill someone🥲

  9. YLRC says:

    the forth season is a pure disaster anyway

  10. YLRC says:

    What do these words mean? Can someone tell me pls

  11. YLRC says:

    Literally thought it was a big moth

  12. 物价低,节奏慢,受中原核心文化区影响小所以对外来者接纳程度高,本地人普遍又黑又矮,但本地人审美是黑矮的正反面(所以发达国家人种的优势在当地更好用,开挂感更强)。

  13. YLRC says:


  14. YLRC says:

    I would work on my goddamn essay real hard and study whatever I want, and maybe creep on some hot women's phone before hitting on them

  15. YLRC says:

    I was literally wondering that if she's Caits mom at first sight

  16. YLRC says:


  17. YLRC says:

    It’S cOuNciLor TaLIs

  18. Pretty different in my opinion….Villanelle is very different. I only made it through the first few chapters of the first book.

  19. YLRC says:

    Lmao, I’m glad I didn’t read the first book.But I do like the V in the book better,more sensible and more of a psychopath

  20. I’m hoping Luke Jenning’s Villanelle in his new book will be more like the tv show. 🤞🏻

  21. YLRC says:

    Wow he's working on new books now? Personally I like both versions of V (I mean the V in the first two seasons🥲)

  22. YLRC says:


  23. 2010年的NISVS,美国CDC作品。女同性恋几乎一半都在家暴,而男同比例最低。 你要不要自己看看报告,提到几个女同是性转?

  24. YLRC says:

    Bizarre logic.None of the things you said can change the fact that 75.6 percent of all offenders who committed acts of violence were male while only 20.1 percent were female.

  25. YLRC says:

    I'd say people who have less severe insomnia would be more likely to choose to share their bed with a partner considering they have been more satisfied with their sleep time,they didn't control that possibility either.

  26. YLRC says:


  27. YLRC says:

    the name of the movie pls?

  28. YLRC says:

    Thank you!😁Have you watched it yet?Was it good?

  29. YLRC says:

    Love that gentle gesture of showing the fuck you sandwich

  30. YLRC says:

    Cute plate,and the piece of steak is properly cut too

  31. YLRC says:

    “文化冲突” 。法律规范落后还能说得那么温柔

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