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  1. She looks like someone who would cause a shitton of discourse on the interwebs.

  2. Unless it changed since I stopped playing these all have to be bought through gacha sadly

  3. This crap is exactly the most telling evidence of how fricking insecure Paladins community is about their game. It seems that people here have the urge to talk about OW2 and compare it with Paladins (and more often than not dunk on the former and declare the latter a better game), because they desperately need the feeling of being validated and proven right in their "superiority".

  4. To be fair paladins is pretty miserable to play right especially with the super fun thing of people leaving games and being stuck with bots ( what I mean is it’s not really surprising this community is acting the way it is given the state of the game)

  5. I have no idea what your smoking ever since I started playing this game I have seen people criticizing the fuck out of it

  6. Man Bienfu is the worst part of and amazing Game, holy shit dud they Made him worse than Atak in Zestiria, and worse of all a fucking pervert with no redeemable qualities, Even Raven ends up being a Nice and charming guy, hell Olivier/Olivert from the Legends series is a degenerate that would try to flirt with anything that movies within a 15 selge Radius around him and yet You can't hate the little shit because he is a lovable dork who gets to be Schera's drinking buddy and a really lightweight (at least by the silver Streak standards). But that hat faced twat, ugh I despise him, I hate him, I loathe him, may he be tortured bye Magilou for all eternity

  7. when I used him he was always pretty good looks and attacks super cool as well

  8. This is bait right? You mention how you’d have to be a pedophile to like her and then proceed to talk about how she doesn’t wear underwear and it’s a small detail you need to pay close attention to in order to notice

  9. Little did they know, Tatsumaki was wearing a tanktop this whole time!

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