1. Hey everyone, my name is Jayson and I am answering all questions posted here regarding the development of UNSURE our Asymmetrical horror game. No time frame, just ask away

  2. As of right now we have the game in development, along with one more cinematic trailer soon to be released. Also took a peek at your app, it looks great will definitely give it a try

  3. Haven't done a montage for a long time. Hopefully it was entertaining :D

  4. You'll need to provide better info if you want help - like a picture of your F3 screen.

  5. I've tried at 4, 8 and then pushed it to 16 nothing changed

  6. can confirm on stack tv, possibly just watched episode 7???

  7. Started playing the game in season 2. Watching Reginald lead a team like Dyrus Oddone Chaox Xpecial. Chaox getting benched and was confused with how he was playing but mans wasn't taking it seriously. Wildturtle comes in... PENTA KILL instant turtle fan. Favourite game? TSM vs CLG MLG Anaheim

  8. lol, so beautiful. If they paid out for times I tried to take a picture of the ghost as it was charging at me during a hunt but wound up with a picture of the wall/ceiling instead, I'd be rich. :)

  9. Im pretty sure it was the result of me cutting off its vision, This was recorded a long time ago but i'm pretty sure it was a yurei

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