1. I always imagined Quinn becoming a massive alcoholic after the finale after Debs death. He truly loved Deb and we saw in season 6 how useless he was when they broke up and was drinking all the time. Until he met that stripper chick to hold him over for the time being.

  2. It was an April fools joke if you read the whole thing.

  3. I'm not trying to be insulting here, but this post makes you seem insecure and miserable. You're 23, and you think you've been rejected from life? You call yourself hopeless? Think about what you're saying.

  4. I am miserable and insecure. After being rejected too many times I figured it was time to call it wraps and understand that I’m screwed in that department. I thought alienating all women from my life would help with my sexual urges problem but that’s hardly helped. I just would like to find alittle bit of a purpose so this life isn’t a total waste. I just thought 3 years without talking to one women would kill my urges and not affect my job so I could get promoted and make more money.

  5. Obviously a maga fuck. Mitt is one of the few decent, moral, ethical politicians left in the Republican party. You, on the other hand are an alt right treason loving maga fuck.

  6. You know he’s associating with alot of fucked up people when you call Mitt an ethical person.

  7. Oh yeah, it would of had even more similarities if the braves epically choked that 3-1 lead last year

  8. Saul also knew what happened to Gus, Mike, Hank, Jesse. Pretty much everyone associated with him and Saul was like I’m out

  9. So much sexual tension between her and Dex. I thought they would be the awkward sexual tension duo of season 6 instead it was Dexter and Deb.

  10. Actually he would of been the VP elect since Obama didn’t take over til January

  11. "Mc Farlane Ranch", such a shame RDR2 is a prequel so we cant go there and meet Miss Macfarlane even as Arthur

  12. Ehh, I got this really stupid friend with wolf scars on his face. You’ll probably never meet him but feel free to mention my name if you ever meet a dude with that description

  13. I don’t think Gisele would go after Lattimore like Mike

  14. Why would Tom spend a week on a tropical island with Gisele when he could spend a week on an island with Mike

  15. Gronk is just sad that he isn’t daddy Toms favorite child anymore.

  16. Davonte “ain’t shit without Rodgers” Adams.

  17. Pregnancy can be wildly different for different women, or even for the same woman multiple times.

  18. Yeah. My mom was kind of a sperm whale who could take pregnancy after pregnancy and still not get sick of that shit.

  19. You can submit a corrected tax form though how did you file without a W2? Do you have a normal job? Also how much of a difference between your reported income and your actual income was it off by? The IRS is constantly underfunded and understaffed so the risk is probably pretty low but there is a none 0% chance you could get audited.

  20. I make under 30 grand a year. I did my taxes on TurboTax. I live a low key life. I don’t know where I would find my W2 at. Is the IRS going to take someone like me too serious?

  21. A few I can think of off the top of my head:

  22. Yeah the whole Rita thing was a major turning point, when you consider the earlier seasons it was all about her and his family. Obviously a large part of that went after Trinity which essentially changed a large motivation in the show.

  23. I honestly didn’t like Rita. Her being gone was one of the few things I liked about the final 4 seasons.

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