1. This is so messed up. I'm so sorry this happened to you. When you go to a doctor that claims to treat endometriosis and especially the pain associated with endometriosis, one would expect to leave with some kind of treatment plan. It's not "drug seeking" to want to treat your suffering and this is a cruel disease. He may as well have said "what, do you expect me to help a patient?" What the hell, doc?

  2. literally! on his personal page on the hospitals’s website he even claims that he works specifically with pelvic pain 🙄 which is also terrible bc it’s so misleading to someone looking for a doctor for their endo who reads that and then wants to make an appt with him for it. ugh

  3. Exactly. I wonder how many other people have had your same experience? Why do some doctors lie like this?!

  4. It's similar to Mirena and I had an awful experience with it and got it removed after a few months. If you decide to get any IUD, I would strongly recommend having it under sedation if possible or at least getting a strong pain medication prior to insertion.

  5. Why do you recommend being sedated? I didn’t even notice putting it in, nor did I notice the biopsy. It might hurt when you have not had kids- but OP said nothing of it. Also a hormonal IUD can be a real good treatments of adenomyosis. There can be many reasons to take it out, but you never said why you did? Sometimes it doesn’t sit right and and that could be fixed and sometimes it’s side effects that wear off after 3-6 months.

  6. There are a lot of stories of IUD insertion and biopsy being excruciating for people who've had and have not had children and IUDs are not for everyone. I suffered a lot with my IUD and the pain got worse over time. I know not everyone has a painful experience, but think sedation or at least adequate pain management should be an option because you never know what you're going to get during insertion. A lot of people that get IUDs do experience an unacceptable level of pain during insertion.

  7. Mine did get worse over time. I had bad symptoms progressing for about 8 years before someone finally decided I could skip my periods with my birth control. This was after a laparoscopy with a non-specialist who of course didn't find anything.

  8. These photos are precious. What a sweet looking ambassador. It's such a fantastic idea too. I love Rattie Ratz and have been donating to them through Amazon Smile for a long time. Going to have to subscribe now with Smile going away.

  9. I will be 2 years PO in March and kept my ovaries. I have endometriosis and have had to stay on birth control to prevent/manage cysts. Ovulation is horrible for me and ovary stuff alone lasts 3 weeks throughout the month with pain and bloating, but taking the combo pill helps ease some of that.

  10. Sneak all the way. It's so satisfying

  11. I was just thinking wondering about this today and that's just horrible. The poor babies can't tell us what's wrong and have even less access to treatment than we do. My heart goes out to them 💔

  12. Suffered with symptoms for years and didn't get access to regular pain meds until a year after excision and months after a hysterectomy for pelvic floor dysfunction - not endometriosis or adenomyosis 🥴

  13. The pain was from just the pelvic floor issues? I have those too. Did they believe you had endo or adeno??

  14. The pain was from everything, but no one would give me anything for my endo / adenomyosis pain lol. It wasn't until several months after my hysterectomy that I was prescribed anything I could take regularly for pain that wasn't just Ibuprofen.

  15. I love this and kinda want it as a tattoo of the standing position 💖

  16. Thank you! I'll post and tag you when it happens!

  17. I'm deliberately avoiding completing that achievement because i have become emotionally attached to the Anomaly, and if i complete the achievement, it will be gone forever. I'm not ready to deal with that.

  18. I waited years to finish the achievement and would get surprised by it every time. I called it my magic cancer.

  19. What state are you in? Are they in or out of network? Did you get a explanation of benefits? Did they change the procedure code? When is it due to be more extensive than they initially planned?

  20. Even with contrast the MRI is unreliable! I can't believe the Dr is okay with that. Definitely push for another MRI with contrast, but even those you can't entirely trust.

  21. Yup, mine was missed by MRI and the doctor ended up refusing to do the hysterectomy we had been planning even though I have endo too. Went to another surgeon and found it during the hysterectomy.

  22. I feel this so much. I even had a hysterectomy, but keeping my ovaries and keep thinking I can exist without birth control, but lo' and behold each time, I get excruciating cyst pain, bloating, and turn unto an acne monster for weeks.

  23. One rat got into my desk and stole my fabric scissors. Another time they stole my wallet out of my purse

  24. The doctor that did my first lap only did 2 incisions and missed the peritoneal endo behind my uterus 🙃

  25. I had no idea I had appendicitis because I felt just as bad as I usually felt, but plus an extra bad bout of GI problems that I expected my doctors to brush off. Luckily, it was found during my lap a few weeks after it started and we had already planned on removing my appendix.

  26. This happened to my friend. Theie appendix had actually burst but they thought it was period cramps. They went septic and could have died.

  27. Oh yikes! I'm so sorry it got that bad - that's terrible 😔

  28. Thank you! I know imaging isn’t super reliable but the added weight of my dr saying my uterus was normal during my lap made me second guess the “suspected diagnosis”

  29. Apparenty it can look ok from the outside and be a mess from the inside lol. I didn't really expect them to find anything during the hysterectomy, but was going to be happy just not having the 8-17 day long heavy periods! The doctor that performed the hysterectomy said that even MRIs don't catch everything, which had been pretty much preached as the best thing ever to me previously lol.

  30. That really helps!! I don’t want adeno but since I have all the symptoms it would be nice for it to be that (treated with hysterectomy) instead of some mystery disease

  31. Definitely. There's peace of mind just know what the heck is going on in there and it's valid to want an answer.

  32. Well, I'll be purchasing this immediately

  33. I was finally able to get a prescription for Gabapentin 2 years after having excision surgery and a hysterectomy because of pelvic floor dysfunction, not endo 😅 If you have any PFD or bladder issues, you might have better luck working with a urogynecologist if possible.

  34. They do, you just have to ask for it. My partner just got one a week or so ago, and she had to request a topical spray.

  35. I was refused anything for preparation.

  36. We shouldn’t have to know what to ask for to be treated half decently by a doctor.

  37. This this this. They should be doing everything in their power to make this as painless as possible.

  38. I was going through a rough time a few years back and started crying in the kitchen laying on the floor telling my husband I wish I could just be a rat. Maybe in the next life lol?

  39. I have endometriosis and found out I had also been dealing with appendicitis during surgery that I had been ignoring because all of my pain has been ignored for years 🥴 I decided after that, that yea, I guess I do have a high pain threshold.

  40. I've been on birth control most of my adult life because every time I stop, my symptoms become unmanageable. I had a hysterectomy in 2021 and kept my ovaries. I tried being off BC for about 3 or 4 months from the month before the hysterectomy and my ovaries stayed awful without their partners in crime. I've since tried to take breaks a few times and almost immediately each time, it feels like I'm on the verge of having ruptured cysts. Constant bloating and shooting pains from the jerk-face ovaries. Its very frustrating always having to take something...

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