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  1. I roleplay as Blitz, and I have Discord. Send me a dm and I’ll reply as soon as I wake up since it’s almost 2 am here.

  2. Those "free demo versions" are scams, do not use them! You said in another comment you're on iOS 16.1.1, there is no jailbreak for this version as of now.

  3. I just GameGuardian though. Is there any way I can get it without Cydia on my iOS?

  4. If it requires a jailbreak then you need to be jailbroken. Cydia also requires a jailbreak (Cydia is not a jailbreak, it is a package manager for jailbroken devices).

  5. I just need GameGuardian, and I think it does require a jailbreak.

  6. Same it' s not working for me either. Here' s the link to it, tell me if it works because I assume it' s a bug they' re gonna fix.

  7. Yeah I figured. Most people don't even think of the whole "there's a dead kid in there" aspect of the animatronics (with the exception of the puppet/Charlie)

  8. Nah man nah it’s just weird there’s no exception to it

  9. I don't think furry may necessarily be the right word.

  10. I think the right word is “pedophile” if your attracted to the children part

  11. Heavy Remnant Metal is the best type of music, it really touches your soul.

  12. He’s meeting one of those underground Detroit rappers

  13. If I remember correctly stolas was one of the demons who can be summoned by humans and interacted with. I suppose he could have this disguise for that occasion

  14. He has the human disguise because since he’s a demon, he can get unlimited money from Russian roulette

  15. Octavia probably watched some Mission Impossible type shit and followed what they did

  16. Also, she is a redhead with a fat ass. need i say more?

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