1. I think Some More News just feels a little too cynical and hopeless sometimes. I listen to it sometimes, but I skip it most of the time just because I don't want to feel worse about the way things already are.

  2. Angels (demons are just fallen angels so it still works) don't really have physical form.

  3. Well demons are just angels. They don’t have genitalia. So angels are asexual

  4. This is one of those times that the left should reflect on how they approach the public on these issue. You can dig in and say they're different. Public opinion won't though. Until the left figures that out, they'll continue to lose ground

  5. No matter what the left does it will be framed as "too far, too much, too rude, too angry, or too passive" They will ALWAYS find a way to frame it as negative.

  6. I love how it's always "quirky genius" instead of "fucking asshole" until the appalling behavior comes to light.

  7. I mean being an annoying weirdo who does not hurt anyone is just annoying.

  8. The meme is pretty great sarcasm but it seems to have gone over that guys head.

  9. I go all in with Inland Empire. I will see the world.

  10. Clearly profits over principles

  11. In capitalism profits ARE principles.

  12. What even is going on in the picture?? Whatever it is I can guarantee it's not a spiritual war, because like half of Charlie's politics revolve around a world where people give a shit about Christianity.

  13. Red light is evil. Its one of superman's weaknesses.

  14. Zombie fiction is almost never about the zombies, it’s about how people react in a crisis. Man is the real monster, etc, blah blah blah. Zombies are a plot device. I thought Benathan Shaps was a writer?

  15. He's the kind of guy to complain that Schindler's List does not pay attention to the battles.

  16. OK I know link and bowsette, but who's the big dude with the red hair?

  17. According to the source its one of the artists OCs.

  18. It got canceled and came back, so that kinda makes sense. The school portion of the show wasnt as memorable as the cul-de-sac anyway.

  19. Double D's scientist valentine cards with Darwin's being

  20. To my knowledge as long as the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are still active it could work. Without those it would require hormone therapy.

  21. It also depends on what they were doing in the paper. Was it "Is this thing possible? What is needed brainwise to make a baby?" And the news went with the weirdest headline.

  22. The universe is so big and the cosmos so endless that I am a speck of a speck in the eye of a speck? Ok cool. That means I don't have to stress out about stuff to much. Its all chemicals? Ok. It still makes me happy to hang out with friends and family so what does it matter?

  23. Yeah totally. The whole show came across like it was trying to use twilight zone tropes to explain current events to people who already insert those events into every conversation so that they learn a moral they already agree with. Who is that possibly for?! If you agree with the politics, you're not going to want a show winking and nudging you like "see? We agree!" for an hour and if you don't, it'd be like getting a lecture from teacher or something.

  24. You know the original show had stuff like that too right? Like there are more less episodes that go

  25. What? A person is THE authority on how their own name is spelled and pronounced. Its not possible to pronounce your own name wrong.

  26. He used to be pretty funny, like in that first debate.

  27. Sounds like Ukraine except they actually do it there

  28. Ok so its bad when that sort of thing happens? Then maybe its not a joke?

  29. I know that monster! It's from Numenera!

  30. or if they’d donate their money to leftist orgs and media campaigns, then they wouldn’t have to kill themselves

  31. Don't even need to give it to orgs. Just buy up massive amounts of medical debt and forgive it en masse. I'd personally hired tons of people to scout around town and hand out free money for repairs for cars and houses.

  32. I get that but it seems more like the typical trap of philanthropy where you create a dependancy on the charity of someone individual instead of creating systems that deal with those issues generally, which orgs could spread awareness or politically lobby for

  33. I mean if I had a billion bucks I'd give it away to a bunch of randos. But yeah, on a "one guy doing charity version of Brewster's Millions" is fine but societally orgs are needed.

  34. I’m Canadian. It’s ultimately better having the government take more of this on, but not as great as you think.

  35. At least if you get sick you can afford to see a doctor. Or if you are diabetic you can afford to not be dead.

  36. I’m honestly happy to never see that character again. I hated that guy. RIP Dennis Burkley though.

  37. He does not have a single redeemable trait. Like the other scum balls have some good traits. Buck is fun, Cotton is weirdly honorable, Khan loves his family, and Thatherton has a mustache.

  38. This is a 100% Texas response. You from Borger or Sugarland, dumb shit?

  39. Here is my argument for why they should be accepted.

  40. Jason would get really into NFTs but would get it so weirdly wrong that he would end up owning real physical art.

  41. They just have a cooler leitmotif as a gang is what I assumed, the survivor probably just joined another gang and convinced them to become Khans

  42. Yeah they are more a series of gangs using the same vibe and ideals rather than a single group. Like the KKK.

  43. Define "human type " humanoid could include super mutants.

  44. This shouldn't be downvoted. Super mutants started off as 100% human. If you can argue that synthetics are humans then you can argue that super mutants and ghouls are also considered human. I'm not saying one way or another, I just find it weird to consider 1 human but not consider the other. It's at least debatable...

  45. Well humanoid just means "having an appearance or character resembling that of a human." Now the OP said "human type/like" which might be different. So I wanted clarification is all. I was being mildly pedantic I guess?

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