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  1. *jaw drops to floor, eyes pop out of sockets accompanied by trumpets, heart beats out of chest, awooga awooga sound effect, pulls chain on train whistle that has appeared next to head as steam blows out, slams fists on table, rattling any plates, bowls or silverware, whistles loudly, fireworks shoot from top of head, pants loudly as tongue hangs out of mouth, wipes comically large bead of sweat from forehead, clears throat, straightens tie, combs hair* Ahem, you look very lovely.

  2. If I remember correctly, MC before reincarnation was from the Heian period so I guess it's pretty accurate

  3. The nazi loli is objectively cute, with her big ass smile and all

  4. this is a pussy, its the other side that is defenseless

  5. While x.1 is usually used to indicate extras, it can also mean the first part of the xth chapter which I'm guessing is the case here

  6. All "my" in this translation should be replaced with "her". Google Translate is garbage.

  7. Ui piss? Hmmm, I might make this the topic of my next post...

  8. if it's okbh it would be suipiss instead of apple juice

  9. Something along the lines of "Uso Bitch"?

  10. just finish the title bruh your only missing the senpai word

  11. why is the md page of this manga only have until chap 36?

  12. won't remember this exist if my brain is gone

  13. It was added if you didn’t see the post before

  14. yea i already read it while searching new updates

  15. Ive seen lost pause review of that game and let me just say the ass physics in that game is alot

  16. This is sad cause Indonesia was never one of the more extreme Muslim majority countries.

  17. It was never about that, it's about sexual transmitted disease prevention, so keep your free sex interest to your own

  18. what of it? we're not some sex driven beasts to only think about not impregnating someone's daughter only for momentarily pleasure

  19. It's just like RimWorld with their high life ideology dlc

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