1. I mounted my Ferro without issue. It looks around the stock and before I got a rail mount it went around the handguard too. It was nice and snug.

  2. From his fruit pie, his own fruit pie.

  3. Summon the... masseuse.

  4. I didn't know I need that in my life until you plopped it down in front of me. For that you have my gratitude.

  5. Same, I'm old though and what I found to be really nice is having them on low red when I'm winding down. Its enough light to see, not enough to keep me up if I doze off, and since I'm starting to wake up here and there to pee at night. I can do that without getting punched in my nuts by my bright bathroom lights.

  6. The condoms definitely do.

  7. Find a collateral where you will answer to a different Chief, preferably one you trust. Do your absolute best in your own shop and do the same with the collateral, when ranking boards come around, you’ll have your collateral Chief and CMC familiar with your work, and may possibly even call BS on your Chief if he wants to say you’re substandard.

  8. If this doesn't work for you, start scheduling medical appointments. I bet you have some issues that you haven't addressed. Knees sore a lot? Get it checked. Dealing with a lot of stress from your LPO and chief, go to therapy, go to dental.

  9. nsfw because I had to search "sexy neelix"

  10. Please add some furry shit or MLP. Maybe even a “I voted Biden/Harris” sticker.

  11. The facial expression is important. Something between a scowl and a furrowed brow. Like you have twelve hours of work just dumped on you with a ten minute deadline. You're determined that even if you can't get it all done you're going down swinging, but you're still not happy about this.

  12. They could do this without going through the hassle of AI, bring you in for questioning, manipulate, escalate....

  13. Or just claim they can't give the evidence to your defense because it would violate national security. See GITMO.

  14. Muskets took an hour to reload if you stopped to eat a sandwich, take a nap and then write a letter in the middle of the reload. Which can happen in the heat of battle.

  15. My (several great) grandfather was a Hessian that was killed during the revolution. Apparently after shooting he he took his musket apart, cleaned it, reassembled it, wrote a letter to his wife, dealt with smallpox, dug a latrine, made Sergeant, trained a new private, disturbed leaches, and still fired two shots in that hour.

  16. The ability to fire 3 rounds a minute in any weather, sir.

  17. Three AIMED rounds too, also while being shot at.

  18. This person look like the fabled gun owner that protects a gay wedding held at a marijuana farm with guns. Good for them.

  19. See, you can tell this is fake because those are flat screen monitors instead of CRTs. Furthermore is you really look into the details the computers themselves were made within the past ten years instead of 1998 (without the Y2K patch).

  20. Well you're not actually eating Tokyo, just wrecking it. And your motivation is because the Americans nuked you.

  21. If I only had a wholesome award for you.

  22. No promises, I'm not an expert

  23. Some advice from a hatchet wielder; what you feel is normal and pretty much everyone feels that way. So don't sweat too much, embrace being a nub officer. Ask questions, admit what you don't know and then learn it. Re-learn if you must. If you don't know and try to fake it then those around you will really see you as an impostor.

  24. I’d prob Use bags of rice instead. It’s cheaper, the weight will be distributed better, and usually rice bags have weight listed on its package.

  25. Sand might work pretty well too. I've heard of people making "sand pills" which is just a sand bag that's duct taped over every milimeter. You'll have to figure out the best size to make them and their weight but, the weight would be distributed pretty evenly.

  26. Screw your zodiac sign, what goes on your pizza besides (let predictive text keep my wife's name of your) ____

  27. Hate to tell you but some salty senior SN has already acquired your hatchet, if you want it back you'll have to get them out by 11:00 every Friday for a month.

  28. Kinda like Canada itself.

  29. Junichiro is a character that really had some fuel left in the tank. real pitty he was not used as a recurring character. I really could have seen a developing Hank/Junichiro dynamic.

  30. "We prune the tree to get it perfect, but perfection is impossible."

  31. Yes, and it's late in the day, the sun is low but still bright, just another great late afternoon in the alley.

  32. You need to diversify your portfolio.

  33. You're right, I need more pistols and shotguns.

  34. Belt feds seem to hold value pretty well if you can get your hands on one...

  35. That's some solid advice.

  36. I’m sorry but ASK YOUR MOTHER has me rotfl

  37. OP should ask her at noon.

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