1. Congrats! I’m working on this now. Did you boost the MP trophies? Are you going for 100% completion?

  2. I'd be interested in joining you on that ride, cowboy. :) Send me a DM if you are too.

  3. Congrats. What did you find questionable about the art direction?

  4. From Software are amazing story tellers through design. The Fat Officials in the original wear gold masks that smile, they're very clean, they're the pigs from Aninal Farm basically. They live in their own keep, enslave the population of the castle. They're the upper class, the 1%. In the Remake they're ugly, they have boils all over their face and stomachs which are exposed. It suggests they're sick. Like a sickness is taking over everything. It's more a Bloodborne vibe than what was originally intended. I feel like they went for hyper gross monster instead of high life aristocrates. The overall design of the game was more gross than bleak.

  5. Interesting. I got the same vibe from them as I did in the original. Also, not a sick vibe, but just "ugly". I also think that a lot of From's intent wasn't so much intent as technical limitations or the time.

  6. Very nice, would love it if this was added to PS Plus.

  7. Nice! Did you use the DLC characters of base game? I ask because it's the last trophy I need as well, and I have trouble with 3 S-ranks.

  8. If you use the dlc characters it makes it 100% easier to beat , I didn’t find this out until I reached the 2 section , hope this helps

  9. And which character in particular? I heard Lady D is OP

  10. It's only your dob, nothing is affected by that on your account so I would see no reason why you would start a new account.

  11. Mafia 2 is fantastic, Mafia 3 is a bit repetitive and by the books.

  12. OK all good points but I'm being honest here. We all get plat trophies because its fun but also because your account gets sick and actually worth something. For years I only played Cod and Ultimate team and after each year everything resets and your scores, kd, spm etc. gets irrelevant.

  13. Whatever pleases you. It's your account..

  14. It's absolutely, just, terribly... fine. Apart from auto-popping, obviously ;-)

  15. Tails of Iron. Just a great game that's not getting a lot of love it seems.

  16. To be honest I never caught much of the hate that's supposedly out there. All I see are people enjoying the game, most of them a lot, myself included. I think it surpasses the original in about every way and is one of the top 20 games ever made. Congrats on the platinum

  17. Nice goal. I will get there eventually (probably in 2024).

  18. This is the only Jak game I haven't platinumed as I gave up for some reason. I can't remember why! Was there a really hard part to it or was my past self just being lazy?

  19. Probably the same reason as mine: it has aged terribly. Controls are just awful and navigating the open world feels like a chore rather than something enjoyable.

  20. For me it was area 42 rampage. My gosh that was the WORST.

  21. You guys are really not selling it 😉

  22. Why brutal? Difficulty? It's on my list for this year

  23. There is so much work required to keep it up to date when there are websites that do it instantly. Just takes the fun out of it for me personally.

  24. I did this one last year. Wasn't too bad for the most part but that final fight with Deadpool was a bunch of bullshit.

  25. That's a cool platinum to add though. Not seen many of those

  26. I respect your opinion just as much as I would respect someone who says RE4 is the best game ever made. Which is what you should’ve done with this post but instead you insulted and berated anyone who has the latter opinion and made out like it’s wrong to think the game is great. It’s just an opinion on a video game calm down.

  27. Looking just at my list, Jak & Daxter have matching ones, plague tale requiem / innocence, most of the old hitman games, and most of the dark souls games have the same images or very similar

  28. The two Plague Tales is still so odd to me...

  29. Congrats! Wonder what your ranking will be after Infinite.

  30. Then why did you platinum it? Surely you value your time more than spending it on games you dislike this much?

  31. It got to the point where I didn’t want to leave a job half finished if that makes sense. I set out to platinum the game and i guess it would’ve bugged me even more if I didn’t if that makes any sense? Wish I could shut that part of my brain off but that’s that. Feel relived it’s finished and I don’t have to do it again or ever go back to it.

  32. I get it but in that case I wholeheartedly advise you to skip Ragnarok.

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