1. Why not take him to a rabbit-savvy vet?

  2. Pues las verdad de que las profesora comenzó hablar ya me quise ir de ese lugar

  3. ¿No te interesan las materias que tienes? ¿Las puedes cambiar por otras?

  4. Te diré las verdad el hecho mucho test psicológico y ninguno me convence y las carreras que algo el tecnología de las información y el mi primer día no me enseñaron nada de eso ya que primero me tiene que enseña sobre las universidad y como funciona

  5. En ese caso yo esperaría a la primera semana entera de clases antes de decidir si me gusta o no la universidad. Puede que una vez empiecen las clases te animes.

  6. Sorry, it's my phone. The middle one is in focus.

  7. They look like some sort of cross between Holland Organics and Japanese Nano-Dwarfs! Very uncommon!

  8. Oh dear I don't...ordering some now. Thanks!!

  9. I truly thought this was a photograph 😱

  10. Indeed! That's what I thought immediately when I saw this wonderful sleepy beast and its mouf 😊 There's probably even some teefs too 🥺

  11. The onesie 😭😍😭😍😭😍

  12. What a beautiful seal you have 😍

  13. Flea. The odd length indicates it could be a beaver flea ??

  14. "The slightly flared nostrils reveal the exasperation felt by the bunny because its hoomin servants were not available. While some buns simply turn around, kick, and give the bunny butt for a while, others forgive less easily and become murderbuns. "

  15. I tried decorating the couch, but my hoom just put extra thick towels over it. There was even a metal grate over the cushions!

  16. We found an extra large snooty boot so of course the only place for it was on my husband's face. 🥲 This is one of the reasons I married this man.

  17. My bun does it all the time, wall staring meditation. That’s because he leads such a stressful life where he gets food served, rent free and naps 16 hours a day.

  18. You always have the best comments 😂

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