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  1. Wtf is a “sweat”? Is that just a casual gamer trying to unlock shit? Am I a “sweat”?

  2. You're not a sweat, a sweat most likely already has all the camos or doesn't care about camos. A sweat is a player who tries way to hard every game, he slide cancels, he g walks, he dropshots on every occasion, he always uses the meta, If a shotgun is broken you can bet your ass he's using it consistently for the next week. he doesn't play the game to have fun. Sweats aren't casuals, because casuals use what they want, play the game as intended and don't care if they win or lose because it simply doesn't matter. Hope this helps

  3. I'm just sharing my actual experience - which is that every single console players quits early or midway through the match, while very few (if any at all) PC players do.

  4. I won't go off on a tangent about your bitchy remark in the second half of the post because I value my time and won't add to an argument that doesn't have anything to stand on..

  5. I've read the whole thing, but. Mf you play casually for 3 hours? 💀 that isn't even a issue with the randoms at that point. I'd also leave after playing casually for 3 hours. Granted, EE's are the only reason I can play zombies. I don't expect anyone, console or pc to play in a random match for more than 1-1:30 hours if not doing an ee

  6. Leaked weapons suggest the ACR and Intervention will be coming to the game

  7. Bro is definitely 9, said he's gonna "blow up his xbox" 💀

  8. "Not only did you not ratio anyone, but your taste in humor sucks even if humor is subjective. And you don't know what simp means" 🤓

  9. From my understanding, all Operators in the Multiplayer are considered to be “Alive”. As of right now he’s “dead”, but I actually doubt it. I’m sure in like Season 4 or 5, we’ll see Graves pop back up again, and that will lead into the 2023 MWII expansion.

  10. Lazar and Park are both in CW, because at first it was canon that you save park. But then they gave up in season 6 (I believe)

  11. I agree.. but he's dead, yet lazar and park were both ops in cw

  12. Yeah its so your tokens run out faster and you have to buy more

  13. I never died to one, always end up executing them as well

  14. Shotguns are actually 12.5m and AR/BR/LMG/MR all actually 37.5m

  15. Is there a link to their plans for dmz in the future? Will it eventually not be in beta?

  16. Before you do anything stupid (no offence, it's just the way I worded it) don't buy the game. I did it in warzone, I don't actually know what the problem could be though

  17. I assume you're new to warzone, zoom in to see all the icons

  18. The most prominent error is : Cock and balls ice cream soda

  19. Doesn't look like zombies are the problem, it's just that his friends don't wanna play mp

  20. I don’t know what you were expecting following the thread all the way down here.

  21. I completed the super EE with directors cut. The code won't work for play as Willard Wyler and I'm super confused as to why.

  22. You have to have directors cut on (it often turns off by itself) and he's only playable on spaceland

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