Brendan Fraser has been named GQ man of the year 2022

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  1. doesn't it really make you wonder if we truly are living in a simulation?

  2. And if you have kids, pets, elderly parents to watch out for and car payments? How is it possible to have a life?

  3. I'm so very glad we never resigned Josh Johnson! Memba him?

  4. I think it could be because he never officially retired

  5. I think this series has ben renewed for a third and fourth season ... so he may onscreen for some time still. Really love this series.

  6. I wish we had gotten a Drexel origin story!

  7. Concert tickets have become impossible to buy. But what's more head-scratching to me is how much they've gone up in price. Spent $200+ for the Weeknd and I wasn't even close. Every show now is almost $200 just to get in the door.

  8. It still blows my mind that they cancelled Batgirl and he was the villain and Michael Keaton was in it as well

  9. The release date for the third one wasn't great, but there also was just no buzz on it. No one did press ... the movie just seemed to land like a quiet fart. But I don't know if the third one ends on a cliffhanger. Would be a bummer if so

  10. I don't know what I was expecting, but I found this uneven - it was overlong, the villain was OK, but not on the level of Kilmonger and there just wasn't enough action. It was just kind of OK.

  11. I was so excited for this and all I'm hearing is how bad it is -- bummer

  12. I still haven't gotten a copy of UL because of this. Neither should be more than $25 for standard non-limited black vinyl editions, yet still many months later it's still over CA$40 in every place I've seen it.

  13. Yeah, I felt that this was way overpriced for just the standard black. I did get UL on sale, but I haven't bought ROTDC yet because it's just too high.

  14. my question: who's gonna still wear Yeezys after this?

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