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  1. I've got a Victorian world, and it's perfect for the households with servants, a) the butler can serve at table, and not eat with them and b) the family doesn't have to go in to the kitchen to help themselves.

  2. Maybe it's because I just listened to a podcast series on them, but I'm totally feeling the pre-raphaelite brotherhood.

  3. ill check all these out later, thank you so much! will definitely update if I can figure it all out working lol

  4. I did something similar with those rugs and a grocery store. If you try to use them in a regular house, visitors won't some inside. You need to use the buy debug lot markers to make the home an apartment, and put the restaurant rug in a public area.

  5. I mean, it is winter. It's not as efficient as a furnace or heat pump, but at least it's moving the thermostat in the right direction.

  6. Yeah. I live in a canadian apartment with electric heat. Seasoning cast iron in winter is just using your electric twice.

  7. Driving in Halifax actually reminds me quite a bit of driving in Orlando. I think the similarity is that both places are a bit of a melting pot of drivers who originate from so many different places. So the styles, offenses, etc are pretty varied with a lot of unpredictable behaviors.

  8. Lol. I just moved here from Moncton, and I've been basking in the glory that is lane signage at intersections.

  9. You must not be very well travelled. They suck here for sure, but nowhere near the worst. We're too friendly here which causes half the shitty driving/decisions

  10. Naples, Italy is the worst I've seen. NEVER BEEN to India, though.

  11. I do this but with the cardboard boxes cereal, granola bars, etc come in. They're compostable and 'free'

  12. The colour on those boxes is a plastic coating fyi

  13. There's no one mod that does the same, but there are mods that cover most aspects. Which parts specifically did you want to use?

  14. The animations as well as the different traits you can give them, the wicked attributes such as polyamorous, hypo fertile, etc. I liked having those options for sims

  15. Passion does animations. Some of the other tuning can be done with Nraas Woohooer.

  16. Just book it as soon as possible and risk the couple days you might drive, in my opinion

  17. Unless you can establish a pattern of under filling bags, you can't really make a case out of it. One bag could be a production anomoly.

  18. Yeah. The biggest thing that no name skimps on is quality control. I've had under-baked Graham crackers and broccoli free "Alfredo with brocolli".

  19. Justice in Canada rund ridiculously slow. The only reason there isn't more public outcry is because people assume that it's functional until they need it, then the cracks show. If there wasn't public scrutiny of this case, it could be the better of half a decade before this saw resolution.

  20. Empathy only applies to one side according to them, they can't put themselves into the shoes of employees and hotel owners.

  21. It shouldn't be surprising that unemployed people with no social support living on the street have poor social skills, abstract reasoning, problem solving and/or unprocessed trauma. It doesn't make them any less deserving of human dignity or having their needs met.

  22. What a disgrace of a lawsuit. The province's arguement was basically just "but I want it".

  23. After today I'm not comfortable approaching the thing at all! I thought we'd argued here and there but I at least had an understanding with this roommate. I was apparently very wrong.

  24. If you can't resolve it with your roommate directly, I would send an email to your landlord:

  25. This is both a useful and hilarious reply, thank you. So the situation is we have a landlord, they don't live here and rent to the five of us. We all pay equal rent. This isn't the landlords choice, this is just something my roommate set up. When I asked that people in the house should have been informed they were recording I was told there's no sound so it's perfectly legal.

  26. My cousin is one of those non-masking uni students in Montreal, and she's caught covid there twice already.

  27. Jesus fucking christ what a mess. Springing this on your pregnant wife????

  28. That's the real "I don't know" reason for qhy he waited to tell her. Because he wanted her trapped.

  29. The poorer people get the more you will see these shit stores pop up

  30. I know a couple small town that used to have a Steadman's department store. Now they have a RCanDS. It's just different branding and lower overhead, but fulfilling the same function.

  31. I had to go to Shoppers yesterday. Was going to get some snacks to take with me to the US for my co-workers at our team building event. Since Smarties in the US are like our Rockets, I was going to take Smarties and Rockets. Anyway, Shoppers charges $4.29 for 9 mini boxes. They're $2 at Dollarama. Wunderbars were $0.87 at Dollarama, $2.49 at Shoppers.

  32. Yeah, shoppers is known for particularly high markups on "convenience" type items.

  33. That baby is hilarious. What a brilliant bit.

  34. I was thinking it’s cute but not stupid…until

  35. That baby is hilarious. What a brilliant bit.

  36. Assuming you don't have friends or family who want to come over.

  37. Bed frames are ridiculous here in Canada from what I can see. Waiting for a specific one from ikea to come back in stock because the bedroom I live in, isn't big enough for anything more then a basic frame, and even the basic ones I can find seem to be almost $1k which is crazy

  38. Try your local ReHome store. They may not have a bedframe in, but I always see great deals on things if you're okay with dated styles.

  39. It's technically possible, but it's cost prohibitive because traditional distilling stops working. That's why Everclear is 95%.

  40. Yeah, distilling stops working, and you have to add chemicals to bind up the free water. Said chemicals are notable bad for you.

  41. It is pure ethanol, yes. I work in a histopathology lab and we use gallons of pure ethanol every day.

  42. Yeah. Never take life advice from someone who drinks the lab ethanol. They probably handle carcinogens and neurotoxins without gloves on, too.

  43. This piece of information is really the crux of it all. Could be funny if they had another cake to pull out to immediately and ideally should be even nicer looking than the first one. The timing is still very suspect in light of the hospital stay tho

  44. Still no. Part of a successful prank is knowing your audience. If she broke down in tears, they failed utterly, even if they made it right afterwards. And, it seems, they still haven't apologized.

  45. Prices have increased, but since plant milks have a longer shelf life, you’re not buy milk as often. So it’s still a better option than cow’s milk.

  46. I drink 4L of milk a week, between tea and cereal. Being able to buy 950ml (I see you shrinkflation) of soy milk that lasts in my cupboard for 6 months doesn't help with the cost at all, if I'm going through them consistently.

  47. Unless you go through containers of milk concurrently in certain time frame, the plant milk would be the lower cost due to the longer shelf life.

  48. I don't understand your math. Could you explain further? Where would I save money? On gas for trips to the grocery store?

  49. You obviously shouldn't have to give health details but It helps to be a tad bit too sharing and a touch graphic. For example "Barely made the toilet this time. So much diarrhea, trying to rehydrate but it's hard to keep down fluids" 99% of managers will accept that and ask you to please stop sharing!

  50. I'd stick with "I am too sick to come in".

  51. Be sure to use some of that buttery topping, or if you're seeking an exotic treat, furikake. For that extra flavour "pop", microwave the butter flavoured topping or seaweed treats for a few seconds as well! Nothing says afternoon breaktime like the sulpherous smells of artificial butter or the seashore scents of dried kombu.

  52. My furikake has Bonito and eggs in it. Perfect for the office!

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