1. That the world isn't mostly good with sprinkles of bad but the opposite

  2. Nah ... but it's kinda like a moldy load of bread ... only one piece is showing mold ... you're still not eating the rest.

  3. In the grand scheme of things, nothing matters.

  4. I mean, technically, depending on your definition of humble, yeah.

  5. Statistically speaking, children are around 100 times more likely to be sexually abused at school than at church, the chance of a priest being an abuser is about the same as a school teacher.

  6. Literally the first time I bought waffles from a supermarket in my life haha. OK maybe the second time. My 2 year old wanted them, if that makes him happy why not :-)

  7. It was more of a joke about Belgian waffles, because; you know, American.

  8. Shhhh ... I just didn't want to comment that you looked "ready for pipe."

  9. I mean reasons and explanations could be the reason a thing is excusable. Making the reason or explanation the excuse, excusing you for whatever.

  10. Probably a local ethnic community ... there's a lot of that sure of thing all across the country ... I mean, not cuy, but different ethnic street food and small resteraunts. I'm personally a big fan of trying out new and interesting ethnic foods.

  11. And they each got one flying thing and one driving thing - those parents put some thought into this.

  12. One aircraft and one anti-aircraft vehicle each ...I noticed that. Parents thought the whole thing through.

  13. Hit 187 last night (I think, you know, one-eighty-something) ... casual AF.

  14. Especially when an 8th grade finds it and can't stop giggling like an idiot.

  15. I wouldn't stay with her. I have self respect though. You do you.

  16. Yet, it's spelled with a "J", and since this is a written image of the letter "J" and not a phonetic recording, it seems that the only think crappy here is the mind of the person who doesn't understand that.

  17. Remember, his job is to make the fundamentals work, To make the company profitable, and secure a future due AMC. That's not only in his financial best interest, it's also going to end up being his legacy. Regardless of your impetus, he is on the side of AMC. Hands down.

  18. That's what I thought, but then I was thinking that waving their normal flag was in support of the military as much as it was in support of the country as a whole

  19. Maybe the pot smokers tricked the maggats into spring marijuana law reform.

  20. Wow, you eat like Scandinavians think Americans eat.

  21. Teachers suck at their jobs and all they want to do is whine they don’t make enough.

  22. Which; again, exemplifies your lack of an educated opinion.

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