1. The fact it looks like a shoe sock freaks me out more.

  2. Meanwhile, I'm rocking brow atm with the seasonal activity armor set. Love being a tech witch.

  3. "Haha let's beat this angry rotisserie chicken"

  4. I actually would use both. Tried e-books and their huge advantage is convenience and space saving for travel. Physical books are super nice to have at home. A fusion of both ways is best imo

  5. Driving requires absolutely full attention. I have experienced multiple near hits because people think they're in a fast and furious movie. Always look in your side and rear views, even at stop lights. Leave room to move if you can. Avoided a nasty rear end because of this.

  6. I personally don't like how strand is a lot of the campaign, but I enjoyed it overall. The changes are gonna take some getting used to, especially mods.

  7. What part of stasis is ruined? Genuinely asking. Been running my frostee hunter build in legendary

  8. Love how the awoken have such Regal tastes. The warlock set looks hot

  9. I like it, if hunter can have a beetle exotic gauntlet, warlocks can just be a beetle themselves. 🪲

  10. Also un-ironically has the best reload animation in the game especially with minus reload and plus magazine size.

  11. It's been said a lot, but the kuva variant is super amazing. Seriously, if you wanna fuck with the enemies, make it silent. Makes for a fun way to passively farm focus during endurance runs. Doesn't sound like much, but gas/elec is pretty fun too. The gas procs can headshot. We need even more breach launchers, also pls kuva sobek

  12. Are we talking green apple skittles or jolly rancher..

  13. When I torture myself with both games because it gives me feeling.

  14. The funny thing is, I can't get tripwire to drop for the life of me so I'm kinda glad

  15. You know it's a good laugh when he sounds like the wicked witch of the east

  16. No rules out there. I assume every car I see approaching is going to run a stoplight or stop sign. I’m right more than I’m wrong. If they have dark tinted windows or are a driving a charger, 100%.

  17. I've seen people pass on double yellow lines even if someone is driving 30 in a 25. They always end up stopping at a red light. Some people really hate being behind others. Stop signs somehow got even more anxiety inducing nowadays

  18. I deserve it after farming their eggs for days

  19. This reminds me of the time someone in the Warframe community tried to say Destiny 2 was shit and everyone that played destiny 2 basically said "I know right?"

  20. I play both because I like torturing myself with shit rng

  21. Tbh, they do look cute. They've just got a sharp ":3" face

  22. Asian markets sell big ol 25lb bags for 20-35 bucks each

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