1. I want club renaissance or somewhere on the floor or first seated row.

  2. This will forever be my struggle until one day kibbe himself gives me an in person typing. I’m 5’10 and did a few online typings by influencers. I’ve been typed all of the tall types and FG. At this point, I’m confused. I just try to wear inverted triangle recs.

  3. I went through the exact same journey with jewelry! I have given up entirely on foundation, I just use concealer that is too light for my skintone and doesn't perfectly match but gives me a good enough result. I have never found anything that matches perfectly and I've tested a lot of stuff. Lipstick I've also entirely given up on because it's impossible to know what it will look like on my face, like you said! But I do love a certain peachy shade of blush like I'm wearing in the second to last pic. I wish you all the best in finding makeup and clothes that suit you and work for you!

  4. I like oversized but not too long. No longer than hips. However I’m more inverted triangle than rectangle.

  5. It's quite similar to outfits that Gwendolyn Christie has worn, which I find stunning. I do prefer the details that Gwen's has though.

  6. I absolutely LOVE Yeoh’s dress… just not on her. Ortega’s dress is perfect in color but sleeves and skirt are way too long. Michelle Williams knows her lines, not so much her colors. Something about Daisy’s dress speaks to me. Julia’s hair, dress, dress color, and accessories are perfect styling. Letitia Wright is a work of art.

  7. This helped me so much! Thank you for taking the time to type your experience.

  8. I love all of the afters. What were your best colors for blue spring?

  9. The same way I relate SD and TR is how I relate FN and FG.

  10. I usually tap color on my lips with my finger so it’s more subdued. I hardly ever reapply! 😂

  11. Hahaa same here. I use eye shadow on my bare lips then put chapstick on top. Bright lipstick is wayyyy out of my comfort zone.

  12. The colours look beautiful at you!

  13. me with my dark autumn colors especially that olive green! i always wonderful why i was so in awe of that color but now it makes sense! we always have a high affinity to our colors in our palette for some reason!! you look soo gorgeous in that palette!! that fuschia lipstick on you is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  14. Ohhhh the beautiful Olive Green! I have tried it many times, but it drags me to the floor. I will continue to love it from afar.

  15. If you google this person it’s very clear that she’s a D. The styling in couple of these pics looks SD because they’ve pushed her breast up or added waist hugging skirts with A lines, but this is a clear D even in those pics. There’s no lushness. And news flash! D’s have boobs and a slight waist! Prime example

  16. Sorry to burst anyones bubble but she looks amazing in number 5

  17. 3 months is not a long time. August will be here before you know it. It took me a year to find a place I wanted to move and that year flew by. The paperwork is ugh and the packing and moving is anxiety inducing. $10k is an incentive but not worth it to me. I would not terminate my lease but he may. Ask him, if he says no then notify him that he won’t have a chance to renew come August and there will be no incentive if he doesn’t move early.

  18. I’m going on Nov 2 and I can’t wait. It’s a bday present to myself.

  19. Nah I agree with you on Lupita but Meghan looks very FN to me. I feel like ultra glam looks are not harmonious with her at all. Also she definitely has blunt bone structure vs sharp.

  20. Agreed. When she pulled up in that oRange fit. I thought immediately no. To much angularity and stiffness. I see FN. when she goes on vacation and wears Stereotypical fn hair and outfits it is just perfection.

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