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  1. If he did seek out to do the murders on a random basis. He messed that up when he visited the property some 12x leaving his breadcrumbs.

  2. Idk if it’s my internet connection or what the duck it is but I get comments in my notifications and when I go to reply to the comment its not even there

  3. It's a new thing if you visit a particular sub. It just won't say... "NAME" replied to your comment.

  4. We need an author ape to write this (itll be longer than all the encyclopedias)

  5. True, they're obviously biased against anything GameStop. Instead of praising the company for it's great comeback (like they did with another popcorny stock for example), they bash it at every opportunity.

  6. They also left retail alone when we were letting them play their crooked game. Now we are a huge threat to their money making scam, so they have gone all out bashing retail.

  7. During covid I relied on eye contact only, and something changed. I really started to identify and recognise people by their eyes. I was also surprised how many people I recognised in supermarkets wearing their masks. I

  8. Piece of cake for him. He can wreck a drum of mayo sat watching Bedknobs and broom sticks during the holidays.

  9. Well you've just told us you're not getting any action because if you were, they would know how thin the walls were.😄

  10. The house had many windows and most of them had no window coverings. The kitchen had a large patio door and a window without blinds. Even if the fairy lights or neon sign wasn't on, the house wouldn't have been in full darkness I believe.

  11. Single mayo packet left behind. On it: a picture of a coke can and a rat

  12. Too little too late. The horse has already bolted. They have done all the communicating they needed to.

  13. It’s just all so bizarre how this has unfolded!

  14. It's just a clear case of if you have money and move in the right circles, you will be protected.

  15. She can run, but she can't hide. She is still responsible for her actions or lack of, even after she leaves.

  16. BTW, I love seeing him and your posts. You are both a big contribution to GME X

  17. BARoOOoOoOO - that's thanks in beagle! Since am too smooth for DD we just try to give some love and good vibes back!

  18. If I was Citadel, I wouldn't post anything on tw🖍️tter. They got annihilated 😄

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