[#30] Anything Goes Threads

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  1. Give us the ability to bump a post instead of having to create a new one every 30 mins

  2. We have no control over that, that’s just not how the site works. The closest thing would be using the crosspost option

  3. ive got an extra striker bs flamethrower or if you wanted to pick them all up at once i have a full striker set

  4. not 100% sure, only other one i can find being posted recently is someone wanting 2k. i haven't really kept up with prices though, i can try to find other colors that have sold recently to get an idea

  5. Sorry I was sleeping when u messaged. I have work for 8.5 hours and I can trade sometime after if that works

  6. i have meetings from 9-10 am & 11am-12pm eastern time, let me know what works for you around that

  7. I should be available from now until 3pm est

  8. I haven't been on here for quite a long time, so maybe a list of the top items. (like a ranking) for them. Guidance for new traders. Season 7 desired items if they add them? unsure on that. Thanks for looking! If anything exists like what I wrote, please link or msg me about it. If you are a top ranked player, you could help people, like a set amount of money, to make sure someone wins the game they need to rank up. Thats about all I have for now.

  9. i wouldn't be looking to sell it by itself right now since it'll break my set. if i find the tact purple and don't use the uncert i'm happy to send a message though.

  10. Perfect! You on for a trade and is there any specific certs you’d want back in return or can I just do any colour that matches?

  11. yeah inv me on TheDevilsHorns & same color is fine, don't care about a specific cert

  12. by chance did you still have these & wanting to sell em?

  13. gotcha...if you decide to sell, hit me up. i'd be looking to grab the white, grey & cobalt

  14. Ohh god no you dont, its always the mm that hook me up with this kinda stuff, i assume your down to trade it bossman?

  15. yeah, last tact aero mage i've been holding on to tbh...toss me an inv on TheDevilsHorns or lemme know your GT and i can inv ya

  16. I’m looking for more I think I’ll let you know

  17. gotcha...if you change your mind let me know. there was someone posting a striker crim a few times here about a week ago trying to get 1500, only offer they got was 1k for it, and there's been another striker one for a bit longer on rlg for 1300 that hasn't sold either

  18. i've picked up a few tact grimalkin (bs, sb, crim & lime) for ~1500 within the past 3ish months, either 1500 straight or uncert + 1000

  19. The dude got banned. Mods think he is his brother and his brother got banned for being in a gc that had a scammed in it

  20. Can confirm “his brother sold him the Xbox and GT” after being banned from the sub on multiple accounts. Not something we’re interested in entertaining for someone to auction something thru someone we’ve banned before.

  21. Fair enough. Wonder if he knew what he was getting into when he bought the account. Seems like a pretty expensive thing to just get into and not know the details

  22. He 1000% knew what he was getting in to from the response we got

  23. Use the anything goes thread (sort by hot, it’s stickied to the top of the sub). Can’t make regular posts for codes.

  24. Just woke up, I'll add to the list! I appreciate you tagging. Is your inventory above the 20k+ total items where youre experiencing this like others have suggested?

  25. Nope, one is around 3k items and the other is around 6k items

  26. I have paragon and juggler devil horns, on xbox

  27. I can do that. You on now? Or lemme know whenever you’re on and I can get on

  28. If you for example are on Chaos lvl 2 and your friend is on Choas level 5. You can join his game, but you won’t unlock those levels. Your group needs to start at the whoever has the lowest level so everyone can progress properly.

  29. That’s not correct. If he joins me at chaos 25, he will level up still but at his own progression so we beat the chaos 25 run and I go to 26 while he goes to 7 (I’ve noticed with the update to 35, up til 20 gives you 2 levels each time then 1 at a time til 35). If your chaos level is higher than the hosts then your level wont increase.

  30. Yeah, I get it. I'm trying my best, I assure you, but I also want the subreddit to have less clutter. Unfortunately, part of it is what another commenter said: these subreddits do get more repetitive the longer the game is out, and Wonderlands has a limited amount of discussions to be had.

  31. Sadly have none of the horns. I can do 150c my gt is Matthew Dix

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