1. Super hot. Envy your hubby and who you were sexting

  2. Happy belated birthday. Thank you for shining our lives and being extremely beautiful and sweet. Wish you an amazing happy life

  3. Thanks love! It was just my Reddit cake day though :)

  4. Hopefully one day we would find out about your real cake day so we get to celebrate with you

  5. Would enjoy fucking that beautiful mouth of yours and slapping your face with my cock as he takes you from behind then we get to switch

  6. They are the major source for happiness and fun

  7. Just perfect you get all eyes and hearts there

  8. Depends. If a female she might be envious if a male then you would get a raise

  9. They are loving it and asking when is next time

  10. Would take my time eating and fingering it before fucking and filling it

  11. If you can take it. Would enjoy making you gag as well as slapping your beautiful face with my cock

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