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  1. I find it strange that people are mentioning government jobs, when working for any government organisations like education, military and emergency services, always get shit on and they all work extremely hard.

  2. It will never support 120hz due to hardware limitations. There are some hdmi 2.1 features it supports (eArc and QMS coming soon). Since hdmi 2.1 has launched they relaxed the rules so if hardware supports 1 feature of hdmi 2.1 manufacturers can market the device as 2.1 which is somewhat misleading as everyone will think 120hz

  3. I would try it out for yourself, they usually have a good free returns window if you don’t like it. It can be subjective but airflow isnt that great so don’t expect it to cool lots if it gets really hot, heating function is good, the motors have a tendency to develop a whining sound after a while which isn’t great. App control is great (heating from app isn’t allowed in USA though)

  4. They should be the same. The 04 filters have been discontinued in favour of the combi ones that come with 07’s but they see interchangeable

  5. I’ve never seen formaldehyde levels go into amber to red levels and have new furniture in a small bedroom.. I’d say if you’re concerned about the price then don’t bother with it and the amount of formaldehyde present is likely to not doing anything to your health

  6. Why do people keep accepting it from the shop? They clearly said it’s the same as last time…

  7. I got my new ATV 4K 2022 Ethernet delivered yesterday. It sucks, everyone here will disagree though. It’s not a proper gaming device or a TV box or hub. It’s trying to be everything but good for nothing. Downvotes welcome from crazy apple fanboys.

  8. I suggest they fix performance and graphics bugs in Halo 2 A and Halo reach but i doubt they ever will. It's still really bad on series x especially Halo 2 A.

  9. Halo 2A is garbage, they broke performance when adding reach to MCC it used to be locked 60fps before this. It’s been years and still not fixed. VRR helps on series x if your tv supports but on the one x or base one, it’s crap

  10. It’s the formaldehyde filter, they can start to emit a yeast like smell in certain temps. Try contacting support

  11. Don’t even need VLANs. Just block the device’s internet in the router with parental controls. It will still be able to access Apple HomeKit hubs and will remain viewable in the Home app.

  12. It’s not compatible, ATV tops out at 60hz, plus there is no available 120hz content from any provider

  13. It’s just the basic cleaner head but now with the anti hair stuff which they’ve rolled out to all heads

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